Puma X Animal Crossing Collaboration Not Cumulating Into In-Game Items Is a Massive Blunder on Nintendo’s Part

Not so long ago, Puma shared a rather interesting tweet hinting at a potential collaboration with Animal Crossing. This tease produced a lot of friction within the community as it went against the demand for more meaningful content. However, the result of this collaboration was indeed quite fascinating, as it produced a phenomenal collection.

Sadly, it did not translate into in-game items, as they could have served as great content for the title.

Puma’s collection should have been added to Animal Crossing

New Horizons seriously needs a more meaningful content update. The studio could have also offered these items as in-game content pieces. Puma has done a fantastic job of producing Animal Crossing clothing. This collection of items includes stylish sneakers that include Wild Rider, Suede, and Future Rider.

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In addition to the sneakers, the collection also included long sleeve shirts, hoodies, sweatpants, and shorts. The sportswear brand only shared images of a hoodie that contains a grid of all the characters. It includes Isabelle, Tom Nook, and many more.

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This is a serious missed opportunity that Nintendo failed to capitalize on. It would have been great for the players to walk around on the island brandishing this amazing clothing.

Fall has arrived in New Horizons

In other news, winter is all set to arrive on the island, and it is going to bring forward amazing changes. The entire landscape of the title is going to turn white, thereby welcoming the festive season. This is definitely going to bring forward a new range of events and creatures to the game.

The list includes 9 new fishes, 9 new bugs, and 5 sea creatures. Gamers will now find these new animals readily available on the island. You can start hunting these creatures all through the winter. Meanwhile, there are some bugs that will exit the game after September. This serves as your final opportunity to add them to your collection before they leave the island.

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