Vince McMahon Taking Over Charge of WWE NXT from Triple H

WWE NXT is going through a revamp. The new logo and the music has been unveiled, and very soon the other changes will be presented to the WWE Universe. However, one change has been confirmed i.e., Vince McMahon and Bruce Prichard are going to produce the show from now on.

The revamp plan was to change the brand overall. Therefore, with everything changing, the decision makers for the brand have changed as well. As of now, it’s been reported that once the revamp is complete, McMahon and Prichard will take over. Up until now, Triple H and Shawn Michaels (not official) were the ones taking care of the storylines and the live show production.

The only issue the WWE Universe has with this is that they’ve already witnessed what Vince McMahon can do. In fact, several fans have said that they moved from watching Raw and SmackDown to NXT because it was different. Hence, no one actually wants Vince McMahon to take over the Gold and Black brand and turn it into another version of Raw or SmackDown.

Is Vince McMahon officially making NXT the third brand?

Until now, NXT was the beginner brand. The brand where pro-wrestlers were made. Their connection with the audience, skills in the ring, and charisma with the mic were put to test. If they successfully passed those hurdles and kept it up, they’d move to the main roster, Raw or SmackDown.

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However, In recent times, NXT has become extremely popular with the fans. A significant portion of the WWE Universe had already started referring to NXT as the third brand. Now, with Vince McMahon taking over, it seems that the brand could officially become the third brand.

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As of now, there’s no confirmed news about whether Triple H will move to another role within the company or he will continue to work with NXT alongside McMahon. Nevertheless, there will be changes in the storyline and the type of content produced. Hopefully the WWE Universe will embrace the content just like before.

Now, keeping in mind the success NXT has found with their current line of production, Vince McMahon should stick to that to ensure he isn’t making NXT exactly like Raw and SmackDown.

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