Bridezilla refuses to invite groom’s ‘closest friend’ to wedding because she’s ‘too pretty & loves attention’

PLANNING a wedding can be one of the most stressful things a couple will ever have to do together.

Making sure everything goes to plan, while getting the most out of your money can put you in the position of making some tough decisions. 

GettyThe bride to be didn’t want his co-worker invited to the wedding as she didn’t trust her[/caption]

But there is a thin line between being reasonable and becoming a bridezilla. 

And one bride found herself walking along a thin line, after the groom shared his concerns of his wedding day in the chat room forum Reddit Am I The A**hole page. 

He asked whether he was an ‘a**hole’ after telling his bride to “get her insecurities in check and grow up” after apparently humiliating a friend.  

In the post, the person, who is anonymous, explains how he recently got engaged to his fiance, and while planning the guest list they ran into an issue with the groom’s co-worker. 


The bride was happy with everyone from the groom’s workplace being on the guest list, apart from one.

The groom wrote: “[She] is one of my closest friends so this surprised me that [fiancée] didn’t want to invite her. 

“She has met [her] multiple times and there didn’t seem to be any issues.”

The bride said that she was concerned about the friendship, as she felt the friend is the type of person to try to “sway taken men and be the centre of attention.”

However, he claims the bride then went behind the groom’s back to give invitations to others at his workplace, and told the female friend “you aren’t invited, women like you aren’t welcome,” which sparked rumours that she was having an affair and causing issues at work.

But the bride denied this happening and the groom got angry by saying: “If we are really going to get married, get your insecurities in check and grow up.”

She has met [her] multiple times and there didn’t seem to be any issues

The groom

The bride and her friends have said he is an a**hole, as the wedding is on hold.

And this sparked a debate, as many people had divided opinions on her choice of action. 

Some people in the comments said that the groom “should run” and “cancel the wedding” as the bride sounds “horrible”.

But several comments suggested that while the bride was “justified in not wanting to invite the woman,” it was her actions in singling her out that were abhorrent.

GettyThe groom sparked a debate online after revealing what the bride to be had requested[/caption]

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