SHOCKING! Jon Moxley Wins GCW Championship: Teases Match with Deathmatch King Nick Gage

AEW superstar Jon Moxley is the new GCW Universal Champion. The former WWE Superstar pinned the current champion, Matt Cardona, in an eventful match. Matt Cardona won the GCW Championship a month ago by defeating Nick Gage in a deathmatch. Nick Gage also appeared in the Art of War Games and ended up challenging Jon Moxley for the title. The fans went ecstatic when they witnessed Moxley and Gage in a GCW ring.

Jon Moxley makes a surprise entry to win the GCQ Universal Championship

The GCW fans never liked Matt Cardona. A month ago, the former WWE superstar was heavily booed after his victory over Nick Gage in a deathmatch. Fans peppered the ring with beer bottles and soda cans while Cardona celebrated his victory in the ring. At GCW The Art of War Games, Matt Cardona issued an open challenge and confirmed that he would defend his GCW Championship.

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i knew he was showing up tonight, had a feeling he was one of the druids. insane man, i popped for this. MOX VS GAGE FOR THE BELT SOON. #GCWWARGAMES

— 𝙲𝚑𝚛𝚒𝚜 ⁷  (@lynchxblueprint) September 5, 2021

After waiting for some time and battering the crowd in between, Matt called out an opponent himself, named Frank The Clown. The match didn’t last long, as Cardona squashed Frank in just a matter of minutes. Next, G-Raver entered the ring and alongside few druids. Cardona chased away all of them except one from the gang, who stood behind Cardona. The mystery man then hit Cardona with a double under hook DDT and then pinned him. The masked man then revealed himself in front of a buzzing crowd, and it was Jon Moxley behind the mask.

Nick Gage challenges Moxley for the GCW Championship

Jon Moxley’s title-winning celebration was cut short when former GCW Champion Nick Gage showed up in the ring. Gave made a singular appearance in AEW to face Chris Jericho in a deathmatch, where he lost to the Painmaker. Gage’s appearance riled up the crowd in attendance. Moxley, who knew Gage was after the GCW title, said that he would surely know where to find him if he wants to have the title.

Jon Moxley is the NEW GCW Champion!! Nick Gage confronts him!!

— Fightful Wrestling (@Fightful) September 5, 2021

Gage accepted the challenge but demanded the match to be conducted on the GCW turf. Moxley then named October 9 and Atlanta City as the venue and date for their Championship deathmatch. Jon Moxley will prepare for his match against Satoshi Kojima, set to take place at the AEW All Out PPV.

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