The One Show viewers left cringing over Jennifer Aniston’s ‘attitude’ towards host Jermaine Jenas

THE One Show viewers were left cringing this evening as they watched a very awkward interview with Jennifer Aniston.

The Hollywood superstar appeared alongside Reese Witherspoon via video call, but didn’t seem keen on Zoe Ball and Jermaine Jenas’ line of questioning.

Jennifer Aniston looked unimpressed on The One Show today

Jermaine Jenas said she didn’t look like a morning person

She was quizzed about going behind the scenes on a real morning TV show to get inspiration for their hit series The Morning Show.

After she finished speaking, Jermaine piped up saying: “Reese, I am going to be honest with you. Jennifer pretty much sold it to be that she is not a morning person, so I am going to ask you, are you a morning person?”

Surprised, Jennifer replied: “Did I sell that to you?”

Jermaine replied: “A little bit.”

The actress continued: “Did I get a good deal?”

Those watching at home picked up on the very awkward vibes and took to Twitter to comment on it.

One person wrote: “Jennifer Anniston’s ‘tude in this interview is cringe. She keeps on looking to the side awkward  #theoneshow.”

A second remarked: “Jermaine dying on his a**e trying to interview Jennifer Aniston #theoneshow.”

While a third added: “Did anyone else catch Jennifer Anniston’s negative reaction to the male presenter regarding the morning person bit? Awkward #theoneshow.”

The actress was accused of having an attitude