HILARIOUS! Pro Wrestler Stuns Everyone With ‘The Michael Jackson Moonwalk’ Move

An online video of a pro-wrestler performing a quite riotous move has surfaced recently. The performer took a page out of the legendary Michael Jackson before landing a DDT on his opponent. The whole sequence was quite amusing, to say the least.

While innovative moves in the world of pro-wrestling are nothing new, this one seemed to have crossed all the boundaries. One can argue that we haven’t seen anything of this caliber yet. Even the likes of The Rock or Mick Foley have never performed such an outrageous finisher on their opponents.

La llave ‘moonwalking’.

(Vía sportsnation/IG) pic.twitter.com/7o2nX3oBtz

— ESPN Deportes (@ESPNDeportes) September 9, 2021

It will be interesting to see if wrestling stars across the world take note of it. And if so, how they actually react to it, is something to keep an eye on. The online community certainly enjoyed the creativity on the performer’s part. It would be an understatement to mark the comment section of the video as amusing.

Will we ever see a pro-wrestling move performed in MMA and UFC?

Well, MMA is a whole different ball game than pro-wrestling. Fighters are there to win and build their careers. Also, a slight lack of concentration and error can cost one to lose a contest. Not to mention that there is a severe chance of injury that can happen to the athletes.

But, theta being said, there are numerous occasions where MMA fighters have defied all odds to channel out their pro-wrestling persona in a fight. Even in the UFC, the grandest stage of all MMA, fighters like Michel Pereira do some outrageous flips and moves inside the Octagon.

Fighters like Demetrious Johnson, Luis Smolka, and more have done some major pro-wrestling moves to even win fights. However, one might remember the time when Cat Zingano pulled off a DDT inside the Octagon against none other than the consensus greatest female fighter of all time, Amanda Nunes.

So, one can not rule out the possibility of seeing the same sort of move performed by a UFC fighter in the future. Pro-wrestling has certainly influenced MMA fighters a great deal over the years. Otherwise we MMA fans would have missed out on a character like Colby ‘Chaos’ Covington.

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