Jake Paul Responds to Fight Fixing Allegations

Over the past 10 months, Jake Paul has made the most out of his time in the boxing space. Hence, today he ranks among the biggest household names in the sport. Because of his antics, fight fans haven’t been able to ignore him. Also, he brings in an extensive number of eyeballs which have only kept on increasing with time.

Alongside that, Paul has also added some eye-catchy wins to his name. Until now, ‘The Problem Child’ has retained his undefeated stint too. Despite that, many boxing pundits and fans in the past have mocked Paul for staging his fights to become a renowned name in the sport.

Putting some light on the same, Jake Paul, in a chat with the Full Send Podcast, said, “Its bulls**t. I don’t know about anything else. I’m talking about my fights. I can’t speak to anyone else’s fights. But also like highly illegal, like you got a prison for this for your lifetime s**t.”

This year, the YouTuber turned boxer took two pro-boxing bouts. One was against the former UFC welterweight contender, Ben Askren, and his recent one was with the welterweight champ, Tyron Woodley.

Paul slept Askren in round 1 of the fight with just one powerful right hand. In one place, many fans cheered over this win, but at the same time, a few fans felt this fight was staged.

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Moving ahead, Paul recently battled Woodley, overcame adversity, and claimed a decision win.

Is Jake Paul chalking out his career rightly?

The 24-year-old has generated some sound buzz around himself and there’s nothing else he could have asked for.

Moreover, as he is escalating his career in the most ideal way at present, fans only want ‘The Problem Child’ to continue his run in the same manner.

Despite all of his success, he has a lot to prove as he’s just 4 fights old in professional boxing. First, he will need to fight legitimate boxers and not former MMA stars or celebrities. As his caliber of opponents is increasing, it’s clear that he is moving in the right direction.

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