Toni Kukoc Reveals How Bulls’ Practices With Michael Jordan & Scottie Pippen Were Harder Than Actual Games

The 90s Chicago Bulls forward, Toni Kukoc will be enshrined in the Naismith Hall of Fame class of 2021. His old companions, Michael Jordan and Bulls owner Jerry Reinsdorf are reportedly going to present the 3-time NBA champion with the biggest honor.

The Bulls era that emerged as a historic anecdote in NBA history, produced several champions on the way. One of them was Toni Kukoc. After getting drafted by the Chicago Bulls in 1990, the Croatia-born basketball player continued his time in Europe. In 1993, Kukoc finally entered as a bench forward for the Bulls.

Michael Jordan was out with his first retirement and inducted into his newly-found baseball career. Simultaneously, Kukoc continued as an impressive rookie in the league. With Jordan’s return and Scottie Pippen on the team, Kukoc eventually contributed to the second-three peat (1996-98) of the Bulls dynasty.

Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen acted as building blocks for the 3-peat Bulls

In a recent press conference prior to the 2021 Hall of Fame, the former Bulls player spoke about the challenging practice session with MJ and Pippen. The greatest player of all time was on the team and Phil Jackson headed that bunch. It had to be the most tiring training for the best team of the 90s.

Toni Kukoc told – “Our practices were actually harder than games we played. And it was all because Michael and Scottie were there each and every day together with Phil to make us believe that there’s always a chance to get better.”

“There’s always something new, something else to learn in a game and transition into the next game tomorrow. That’s one of the biggest reasons why we had that kind of run and then won three championships in a row.”

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Toni Kukoc – the 1996 Sixth Man of the Year

Being the third-leading scorer for Chicago Bulls, after Jordan and Pippen, Kukoc won the 1996 NBA Sixth Man of the Year Award. He came off the bench with notable performances for his phenomenal team.

Michael Jordan and Jerry Reinsdorf will be there on the stage, awarding Toni Kukoc with the HOF. From playing alongside MJ to getting honored by him, it’s going to be a memorable moment for Kukoc.

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