Animal Crossing New Horizons Redd’s Paintings & Statues Guide: How To Distinguish Between Real and Counterfeits?

The month of September traditionally welcomes the Fall Season and its festivities in the Northern Hemisphere of the island. But it looks like the expected Animal Crossing New Horizons patch is delayed this time around, with rumors suggesting an end-of-the-month arrival for the Fall update.

As the community waits for Nintendo to announce new content along with the date, Redd has made his way back to the secret beach on the island. Jolly Redd runs a shady artwork shop where he tries to sneak in counterfeits along with a few originals to his customers. But the fox’s cunningness has its limits, and there are a few uncommon tricks to identify a fake and beat Crazy Redd at his own game.

Animal Crossing New Horizons: everything you need to know about the fakes

Redd will soon make his way to the secret beach in his Treasure Trawler ship and will offer rare pieces of art for 4980 Bells. Although the fox salesman promises to sell genuine works of art, there have been cases reporting forged statues and paintings. Here’s all you and your visitors need to know to not be deceived by the little menace in Animal Crossing New Horizons.

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All paintings and statues that are not features on the lists will not have any forged versions and can be purchased without thinking twice. The fox was not smart enough to make copies of all the artwork.


Academic Painting: The fake version of the painting will have a coffee holder stain on the top right-hand side, whereas the original will have no such stain.
Amazing Painting: The real painting will have the person in the center wearing a black hat. The fake will not feature the hat at all.
Basic Painting: The fake will have the forehead of the person in the painting covered with hair and the real will only have a few strands on his forehead.
Detailed Painting: The authentic version will have blue flowers and the counterfeit will instead have purple ones.
Famous Painting: The famous Mona Lisa painting’s real version will have natural eyebrows. The fake will feature eyebrows that point upwards.
Graceful Painting: The real will have the woman facing right covering less than half the canvas with two white tags in her hair. The fakes either will have only one white tag or an inverted woman.
Jolly Painting: The original will have a flower/weed sticking out on the bottom right.
Moving Painting: The fake will miss trees in the background that are a part of the real painting.
Quaint Painting: The real will only have a few drops of water pouring out of the pot and the fake will have far more.
Scary Painting: The original painting is of a man frowning with normal eyebrows. The fakes either have inverted eyebrows or a smiling man.
Scenic Painting: The fake only features one man walking with a few animals whereas the authentic will have 2 men with more animals.
Serene Painting: The original will have a woman holding a white ferret-like animal.
Solemn Painting: The real painting has a man touching the wall in the window in the background.
Wild Painting Left Half: The original will be white in color.
Wild Painting Right Half: The real should be green.
Wistful Painting: The authentic features a woman with open eyes wearing ball-shaped earrings. The fakes either have closed eyes or star-shaped earrings.


Ancient Statue: The real will have no antennas on the sides. The fake will have two antennas near the ear region.
Beautiful Statue: The fake will be wearing a necklace whereas the original does not have any necklace.
Gallant Statue: The man will be holding a book in the fake. There’s no book in the original.
Informative Statue: The real is black in color and the fake is blue.
Motherly Statue: The mouth of the wolf is closed, and the tongue is not visible in the authentic one.
Mystic Statue: The real will not be wearing any earrings.
Robust Statue: The real statue will not have a watch. The fake will feature a watch on the man’s arm.
Rock-Head Statue: The fake will have a smiling face instead of a neutral one.
Tremendous Statue: The real will not have a lid for the container.
Valiant Statue: The one with the right leg forward is real. The fake will have the left leg leading.
Warrior Statue: The real statue will not have a shovel and the fake will have the man holding a shovel.

With this, you should easily be able to identify the real ones and make sure that the 4980 Bells you spent were worth it. After all, Nintendo does not offer Bells for free.

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