Australian TV star reports on cricketer’s ‘bulging disc’, says something much worse instead

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There’s nothing we love more than a juvenile mispronunciation on live television, so we must thank Australian morning show News Breakfast for delivering our latest dose of hilarity.

A sports presenter accidentally gave cricketer a rather different affliction that a neck injury when he suffered a slip while reading the news on ABC’s News Breakfast this week.

Tony Armstrong was discussing Australian captain Tim Paine undergoing surgery on a neck injury when ‘disc’ came out as something… well, you can guess.

Tony said: ‘Australian skipper Tim Paine is set to undergo neck surgery but medical staff remain confident that the veteran will be fit for the Ashes.

‘Paine has a bulging d*** that has been… disc, that’s a funny one, that has been causing him pain.’

As he corrected himself, Tony laughed at his error, but his co-hosts weren’t going to let him off the hook that easily.

Tony immediately realised his error (Picture: ABC)

While Tony passed the report over, host Michael Rowland asked: ‘Bulging what?’

Tony said: ‘Disc. I said disc’, with Michael joking: ‘That’s what I thought you said.’

Lisa Millar could barely contain her laughter as she tried to take a sip of water, with the giggling trio then passing the mic to weather reporter Nate Byrne, who was also laughing.

He said: ‘Why me? Don’t bring me into this. Is it my mic working? I hope not.’

The moment had viewers in stitches, with one person tweeting: ‘I’d ask doctors for a second opinion on that surgery…’

Another person tweeted at Paine himself, writing: ‘Getting a little too excited for the Ashes  @tdpaine36 ??’

Tim Paine is actually getting surgery on a bulging disc (Picture: PATRICK HAMILTON/AFP via Getty Images)

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Tony shouldn’t feel too bad about his error, as ESPN broadcaster Steve Levy made the same mix-up back in 1995 in an infamous blooper.

Levy completely lost it after accidentally saying that American football player Maurice Hurst had been complaining about a ‘bulging d***’, and was heard struggling to keep his laughter in as a highlight reel played.

He is still with ESPN to this day, so it can’t have done his career that much harm, eh? 

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