Deontay Wilder Pushed Through Depression When “Many Would Have Quit”

In a recent PBC promotional video for the Wilder-Fury trilogy, Deontay Wilder opened up about his struggles after his loss in 2020. The 35-year old Alabama native never put a label on what he was going through after his defeat as ‘depression’. However, he pointed out that he was able to ‘rediscover’ himself by going through that process.

It’s been nothing but pain. With that being said, if what I’ve been going through is a state of depression then I advise everybody to get a piece of that pie.

To go through what I went through, the sky’s the limit for me,” said Wilder.

Deontay Wilder also highlighted that it did not “depress” him and that did not take any of his courage away from him. Instead, he believes it motivated him to go further. He added that his “warrior” mentality enabled him to not give up when most would have backed down.

It don’t depress me, it don’t make me lose any type of courage. If anything, it motivates me to the high because I’m a warrior.

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“I pushed through it when many would’ve quit, many would’ve given up or many wouldn’t even have started the race anyway because they probably didn’t feel like they would be able to go.

So, I’ve learned what I already know is confirmation for myself to push forward even further,” Wilder added.

Deontay Wilder has not stopped training since his first loss

Tyson Fury dominated Deontay Wilder on February 22, 2020. The first fight ended in a draw;  however, ‘The Gypsy King’ fought through Wilder’s “big right hand” approach and bagged a win in the second fight.

After suffering his first career loss, Deontay Wilder went off the grid for a while. While many assumed he was avoiding the media, in reality, he was already plotting his next moves.

On the night of the fight, he laid off his trainer Mark Breland. On that same night, he also called Malik Scott and asked him to train him for the rematch.

Ever since then, Deontay Wilder has been training nonstop. In recent pad-work videos, he can be seen implementing new moves like body shots, active footwork, and improved head movement.

He has given it his all to prepare for this trilogy fight on October 9. If he can translate his training to his actual performance on fight night, ‘The Bronze Bomber’ could prove to be a real challenge for the Englishman.

Do you think Deontay Wilder has what it takes to bag a win on October 9?

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