‘Most Successful’ F1 Driver Michael Schumacher Deserves His Documentary, According to Son Mick

It’s the 14th of September and that can only mean one thing- the Schumacher documentary hits Netflix tomorrow! Regardless of whether or not you’re an F1 fan, everybody knows the legend that is Michael Schumacher. Everyone has been waiting for the documentary ever since its announcement. As Netflix honours the 7-time-champion, Mick Schumacher shares our excitement for the film.

In a recent interview, Mick discussed the upcoming release. Praising his role model, Schumi Jr shares his enthusiasm for the release. “My dad is the best driver in Formula 1 and is the most successful driver in motorsport history and he deserves that documentary. We, as a family were happy to be in it and shares our views and experiences.”

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Coming tomorrow to @NetflixUK , the @schumacher documentary.

We honestly can’t wait to see this, here’s @SchumacherMick with a few words about it. #F1 #schumachernetflix #Netflix


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It’s undeniable that the Haas driver has been in awe of his father. Following his father’s footsteps, Mick has paid tribute to his hero on multiple occasions. With a bright future ahead of the young driver, undoubtedly, his career will be the greatest homage to the Red Baron.

Michael Schumacher documentary shows promise

After the champion’s skiing accident in 2013, the Schumacher family has been extremely private about the situation. However, as Mick said, Michael Schumacher’s legendary career deserves to be told for generations; the documentary aims to do so.

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With insights from family and colleagues, the documentary will be a credible source of added information to what we know of his 19 seasons in the sport. Mick said in a recent interview“Everyone will get a better understanding of what he has done in Formula 1.”

Michael Schumacher has given a lot to the sport. Records, victories, rivalries and glorious on-track performances; the documentary follow it all. In the Beyond the Grid podcast, Schumacher reveals he has already watched the film.

Now an F1 driver himself, Mick reveals how the film impacted him. “For me personally, I started looking at how his career went in a new way.” Additionally, the documentary helped Mick see his father in a new light. “I understand more and more about the sacrifices he has made. How much he had to do to achieve what he has achieved, how passionate you have to be to achieve something like that.”

Now, with everyone’s plans for the 15th laid out, grab everyone you know to revisit history, in awe of the man who made it.

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