“Narcissistic B**ch” – Alexa Bliss Gifts Charlotte Flair a New Doll Only to Ambush Her on WWE Raw

‘The Queen’ Charlotte Flair won against the deadly Shaya Baszler in a one-on-one match at tonight’s episode of Monday Night Raw for the Raw Women’s Championship. However, after the match, things took an interesting turn when Alexa Bliss showed up.

LONG LIVE THE QUEEN!#WWERaw Women’s Champion @MsCharlotteWWE defeats @QoSBaszler. pic.twitter.com/nLmAu750Rk

— WWE (@WWE) September 14, 2021

After the match, Charlotte Flair’s Extreme Rules opponent, Alexxa Bliss, came out with a gift for the ‘Queen’ and said that this gift is a “thank you” gist for giving her a title shot at Extreme Rules.

What kind of GIFT did @AlexaBliss_WWE get @MsCharlotteWWE?!#WWERaw pic.twitter.com/K8ll3jBS7D

— WWE (@WWE) September 14, 2021

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Alexa Bliss is playing mind games with Charlotte Flair

She said, “Hey Charlotte! I know you’re busy being the queen and all that, but we wanted to give you this gift as a thank you for agreeing to our Title match at Extreme Rules.”

Charlotte then takes a shot at Bliss by saying that she doesn’t know her taste because she has been busy collecting dolls, while he has been collecting championships.

“A gift, how nice, but I don’t think you know my taste. Because while you’re too busy collecting dolls, I’m busy collecting Championships. You know there comes a time in your life when you leave your dolls at home” Charlotte said.

Bliss then interrupts Flair and said it’s okay to let your guard down a little and just have fun. Charlotte unwillingly takes the gift to unwrap it, and the gift turns out to be a Lilly Doll that looks like Charlotte named Charly.

Say hello to CHARLY!@MsCharlotteWWE#WWERaw pic.twitter.com/SG73yxQuXY

— WWE (@WWE) September 14, 2021

Eventually, Bliss introduced the new Doll, saying that it was Lilly’s idea and said that she wanted her to have something to play with after Bliss takes her title at the Extreme Rules PPV.

She said, “Everyone needs a friend, even a self-absorbed narcissistic b**ch like you.”

The gidt does not impress Charlotte Flair

Flair then said that she will make sure that Mattel send Bliss an actual Charlotte Flair action figure so that she can play with it when she’s locked away in an asylum and threw the doll on Bliss’ face.

WHO THROWS A DOLL?! HONESTLY!@MsCharlotteWWE@AlexaBliss_WWE#WWERaw pic.twitter.com/PgQcUjblpV

— WWE (@WWE) September 14, 2021

Bliss is ticked off by this and runs at Charlotte Flair jumping on top of her with a ‘Thesz Press’ and begins pounding on the ‘Queen’ eventually, lashing out her anger on her.

Needless to say, @AlexaBliss_WWE is ticked off!#WWERaw pic.twitter.com/3fcTsZR0Df

— WWE (@WWE) September 14, 2021

Eventually, Alexa stands in the ring holding Charly and the RAW Women’s Championship. Things are panning out to be very interesting in this rivalry.

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