Primark worker reveals secrets of the shop’s uniform – and there’s a VERY strict rule

A FORMER Primark worker has revealed the dress code she had to adhere to whilst working on the shop floor – and it was quite rigorous.

Speaking on TikTok, the woman was asked what part of the uniform was provided and what you have to provide yourself.

AlamyShe spoke about it on her TikTok page[/caption]

She said that she is constantly being asked about her uniform.

“A lot of people ask me about the uniform, you are only given the tops, as I worked weekends, I got one t-shirt, one long sleeve shirt and one fleece if you worked longer hours you got more shirts.”

She added that you had to provide your own trousers, and your own shoes but there was a strict rule that nothing could be branded.

“In terms of things like trousers and shoes, we had a strict rule that we weren’t allowed to wear anything with logos on,” said the woman.

“So my whole time working there I wore a pair of shoes that I got from Primark and they looked like fake Converse” she added.

She said she couldn’t wear real Converse because of the logo on the side.

She said: “Same goes for jeans, they had to be plain black trousers and they couldn’t have massive logos on them.”

The woman adds however that you can get away with wearing a few things with logos on them after you have been working there more than a couple of weeks.

“I know some people just wear stuff with logos on them anyway because it is more convenient and if it’s comfier that it just works out,” she said.

She also added that she even got a free top at work – but only because she had a nosebleed on the shop floor.

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