Valorant Champions Tour Berlin: Sentinels Era Is in Full Effect as TenZ Drops a 30 Bomb Against F4Q on Breeze

The reigning World Champions of Valorant in eSports showcased their dominance in Valorant Champions Tour Berlin. Team Sentinels faced tough new contenders in the group stages, but the team remain unfazed. Part of group D, Sentinels were put in the group with Korean powerhouse, F4Q, and Eu’s top-rated G2 roster. The first round of matches between three teams concluded, with Sentinels decimating everyone with ease.

However, it did come with a price as the team dropped its first map on a LAN event to G2’s roster of Mixwell, Nukkye, AVoVa. Koldamenta, and Keloqz. But the team bounced back harder to secure the series, but F4Q met a hungrier version of the team as TenZ completely overwhelmed Breeze by dropping nearly 33 kills. This cements the start of a possible long-lasting era that won’t end anytime soon.

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TenZ may have entered his prime in Valorant Champions Tour Berlin

The 20-year-old Canadian superstar has indeed cemented his place as one of the greatest players. He seemed to be in a league of his own during his match against the Korean roster. The NA’s superstar kick-started the round on Breeze with 4 straight kills, asserting his dominance from the get-go. Although this did not last long, as the Korean team fought back valiantly.

Sadly, it all came flushing down when the TenZ became too much for the team to handle. He was the first and the only person on the map to reach 30+ frags. TenZ delivered an excellent performance with Jett, sniping enemies with the kunai knives at all ranges. There was nothing that F4Q boys could do as the dominance become too overbearing, and it led to the NA team winning by 2 straight maps.

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This is just the beginning of a week-long tournament that could possibly crown Sentinels the 2-time world champions. There is a great chance that this might come true, but there are more top-rated teams for them to face.

G2, Gambit, 100Thieves, Envy can pose the biggest challenge as they continue to evolve with each series. 100Thieves has thus far retained their position as the top-dog with an astonishing come from behind victory against Gambit. The stage is set and all teams will be soon chosen for the playoffs, making the way for the main event to commence.

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