“Wanna Be Dennis Rodman So Bad”: Fans Mock Russell Westbrook For Hairstyle at Met Gala

The Lakers pulled off one of the biggest moves of the summer when they traded for superstar point guard Russell Westbrook. Giving up multiple starters and second round picks, the Lake show went all-in to secure the superstar’s trade.

While this trade shook the internet, Westbrook’s social media posts have been all the rage recently. Be it him showing up at a Dodgers game or his videos of shooting the ball, NBA twitter has been keen on following the superstar’s life.

“Don’t address me unless it four letters” @kendricklamar pic.twitter.com/5c7rhRBZKx

— Russell Westbrook (@russwest44) September 11, 2021

But for the last week, it has been the kind of look Westbrook has pulled off that has divided fans all across the internet. His pictures where he wore a skirt certainly caused an insane amount of uproar among many NBA fans. While many lauded the 1-time MVP, others resorted to trolling.

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Russell Westbrook shows to the Met Gala with a new hairstyle

After two whole years, the Met Gala was finally back in New York. Often consisting of some of the biggest celebrities, the Met Gala is a must watch. Held in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, this year was no different. Be it actors, pop stars or even sporting superstars everyone can be seen in the Met Gala.

This time it was Russell Westbrook and Stephen Curry who showed up in the Met Gala. While Westbrook showed up in a skirt a couple of days ago, Brodie stuck to a simple tuxedo this time around.

2021 Met Gala pic.twitter.com/ChUyNB1Qj8

— Russell Westbrook (@russwest44) September 14, 2021

But as the case has been with Russ, he somehow always stands out. This time it was because of his hairstyle. Boasting a blue-coloured dye to his hair, Westbrook had multiple white stars on his head. The 32-year-old certainly drew many eyes this time around with his new hairstyle and the internet hasn’t stopped raving about the same.

Fans troll Westbrook’s new hairstyle

Ever since the pictures of Westbrook’s Gala look have been released, the internet hasn’t stopped. Especially NBA twitter went into a full-blown pandemonium seeing Brodie’s new haircut. These reactions made up for rather hilarious comments in NBA twitter.

What is wrong with you recently bro?

— KDsMyGoat (@KDsMyGoat) September 14, 2021

headass pic.twitter.com/8DCwyv0ajb

— Ʌlexei (@partynvrendz) September 14, 2021

Wanna be Dennis Rodman so bad pic.twitter.com/wEqKgKggGE

— ezz (@tymezn) September 14, 2021

Aye bro the season ain’t start yet and you already put two Ls on our books pic.twitter.com/W1Jdjw7B1J

— laker general (@nbacritic28) September 14, 2021

Tag Russell barber this is unforgivable pic.twitter.com/k7UcdlqTSy

— Mark Hernandez Sr (@MarkieTrill) September 14, 2021

Lol we seeing a new Russ fit everyday

— txbii (@TorontoDame) September 13, 2021

New age kuzma

— AnthonyDavis’sRevengeSZN (@Real_AD_BURNER) September 14, 2021

RUSS WTF pic.twitter.com/2sV8ONa8Fi

— Dev (@h0elessDev) September 13, 2021

KIM DAHYUN RUSS pic.twitter.com/2EKb0KJqUi

— Big Mac Energy (0-1)/(1-0)|#GetTheFeelsWithTwice (@pawerthegreatjr) September 14, 2021

New age Dennis Rodman lmao

— Loading…. (@mommas_baby123) September 14, 2021

While fans continue to troll Brodie, all this trolling isn’t new for Westbrook. Despite the heavy criticism by fans, Brodie has been bold enough to pull off different looks according to his liking. What was your reaction when you saw Westbrook’s new hairstyle? Let us know in the comments section down below.

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