Woman who lost 6 STONE breaks down in tears after being fat-shamed over her short skirt

A WOMAN is reminding others how damaging body-shaming can be, as she was left in tears by cruel remarks about her looks – despite losing six stone.

Wanting to slim down for her wedding, TikTok user Hannah Woodhams has been documenting her weight loss journey online as she prepares to tie the knot in 2022.

TikTokA woman was left in tears after being fat-shamed while wearing a short skirt out after losing six stone[/caption]

TikTokShe shared the raw moment online, with 1.3million watching the video, as she said it made her feel like she was “21 stone again”[/caption]

She revealed in a video she shared online in April that she had lost six stone, but broke down in tears when she was fat-shamed wearing an outfit she didn’t previously have the confidence to.

Hannah revealed she wanted to be completely honest and open about her weight struggles, so posted a video of her crying, as she was devastated by the nasty comments that came her way.

She had been wearing a short checked skirt, a motif T-shirt and denim jacket and admitted she had felt “so good” about herself after successfully losing six stone.

Calling out body-shaming, Hannah claimed she felt “21 stone again” because of the nasty jibes, as she criticised those for knocking her confidence.

In the video, that has been watched 1.3million times and liked over 150k times, Hannah can be seen in tears while showing the outfit she had been wearing.

She said: “So today I was fat-shamed, I was in shock and couldn’t even respond. This is my outfit after feeling so good about myself losing 6 stone.”

Hannah admitted: “I felt 21 stone again.”

She added the hashtags: “#bodyshamingisnotokay  #bodyshamingisntcool #hatepeople #noconfidence #hatemyself.”

Those who came across her video rushed to offer her their support, with the post racking up more than 16k comments, as they urged Hannah to ignore horrible and “insecure” comments from others.

One person reassured her: “You look incredible! Don’t take any notice – it’s more of a reflection of themselves than anything. You’re absolutely smashing it my dear.”

Today I was fat-shamed, I was in shock and couldn’t even respond


Another said: “One thing I learned is that insecure people will look down on you BECAUSE that’s the only way they can feel like they’re better. They point out a flaw.”

A third wrote: “I am so sorry this happened to you. I teared up just watching this. You deserve so much better & you are beautiful.”

“You look beautiful, ignore what ppl say (sic),” added another.

In her previous video, Hannah revealed her plans to lose weight in time for her wedding next year.

Holding herself accountable, she decided to share her journey publicly on TikTok and has since, no doubt, been inspiring others with videos detailing her diet and sharing her training sessions.


Already five stone down when she decided to document her weight loss, within two months Hannah had lost almost another stone (13.5lbs) and revealed she was “so proud” of herself.

She was also seen hitting back at those who criticised her for sharing the raw video of her upset after being body-shamed and accused her of fishing ‘for likes’ online.

Hannah hit back: “The funny thing is when I first posted that video I had about 400 views on one of my videos max and about 18 likes, so the thought of me posting a video crying because I was fat-shamed and it blowing up to 1.3million views was not what I expected.

“The love and support I have received from posting that video, honestly still to this day, astonishes me.”

She continued: “I feel so grateful and so loved from so many people – bar when there’s comments like this and one that says ‘six stone, I think you need to lose another six,’… thank you for just blowing it up even more.

TikTokThousands of people reassured Hannah as they urged her not to listen to “insecure” comments from others about her weight[/caption]

TikTokIn another video she shared online, Hannah revealed she was “so proud” of herself for losing almost a stone in two months[/caption]

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