Bron Breakker Puts Himself on the Map With Impressive WWE Debut on NXT 2.0

WWE NXT ushered in a new era with some exciting upgrades to the brand. The newest arena, the set, the entire crowd layout, the graphics and even new faces, such as, Bron Breakker and Trick Williams solidified how much WWE has gone in when it comes to the NXT revamp.

Speaking of Bron Breakker, he set the tone for the night with a shocking win over LA Knight in the opening contest of the night. During the opening promo, Breakker interrupted Knight. This offended LA Knight and he asked Bron whether he wants to challenge for a match or something.

Bron Breakker instantly said, “Respectfully, I’d like to prove myself tonight,” and the match was on!




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Bron Breakker humbles LA Knight on WWE NXT 2.0

Everything about Bron Breakker looked promising from the get-go. His colorful singlet, his stature and his in-ring skills really proved why WWE or Vince McMahon were pushing him to the moon right at the beginning.

Breakker’s theme song had a siren at the start, something very similar to what his uncle and former WWE Superstar, Scott Steiner, used in his theme song. Overall, Bron looked like the perfect amalgamation of size meets strength.

LA Knight’s chances of winning have drastic gone down #wwenxt

— Drew McIntyre (@DMcIntyreWWE) September 15, 2021

Right from the opening bell, Breakker looked strong against Knight. However, the former Million Dollar Man did put a tough fight until his overconfidence and Breakker’s moves caught him off guard. Bron Breakker delivered an impressive Military Press Slam on the almost 250-lbs LA Knight to secure a massive upset victory on debut!

Tommaso Ciampa is on notice!

Later on in the night, Breakker appeared on TV again. This time, he stepped up to Tommaso Ciampa and congratulated him on his second NXT Championship win.

Ciampa, too, congratulated Breakker for an impressive performance upon debut and the two shook hands with a cold stare as the show came to an end. Following the show, Bron spoke to WWE Digital in an exclusive where he looked upon his debut.

He said, “I’m here to make a statement. Ciampa, congratulations on the win. I got mad respect for you and what you’ve done here in NXT. But know this, I’ve got my eye on you now. Keep your eye on swivel brother.”

There is no doubt WWE did a terrific job of debuting Rick Steiner’s son on the show. Although, many fans are skeptical of the name, previous reports suggested Breakker would be called ‘Rex Steiner’ upon WWE debut. However, that did not out turn out to be true.

Either way, the name is surely a little weird and will take time to get used to, but Bron Breakker as a wrestler/sports entertainer, definitely put himself on the map in the weeks and months to come.

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