“No Ifs, Ands, or Buts About That”: Carmelo Anthony Claims It’s Championship or Bust for Lakers This Season

The Lakers last season had a disappointing end to their season with an awful display against the Phoenix Suns in the first round of the playoffs. Given their disappointing end, Rob Pelinka has hauled the Lakers massively in the off-season.

While the Russell Westbrook trade has taken the majority of headlines, the rest of the roster is filled with quality veterans like Carmelo Anthony and Dwight Howard. Melo might not be in his prime, but seeing him finally pair up with fellow banana boat friend LeBron James is a dream come true for many fans of the game.

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Carmelo Anthony says championship a must for Lakers

While the Lakers’ approach of bringing in veterans at a low salary is smart, the team’s average age has been a major cause of concern for many. With an average age of well over 30 years old, the Lake show are easily the oldest team in the NBA.

New Laker Carmelo Anthony is well aware of the same. In an interview with Stephen A. Smith, Melo said, “Ain’t nobody saying nothing that’s not a fact. We know ourselves…..” But the former Knicks’ forward then explained why the immense amount of experience can work in favour for the Lakers.

“I just think what we all bring to the table is a wisdom that a lot of people don’t have. The way we are going to be able to come together, hold each other accountable, have each other’s backs, we have the most knowledge on this one team than the whole NBA has…. If we can’t put that together and make something work, that’s on us.”

The 10-time All-Star also explained how a move to a contending team like the Lakers has changed his perspective. “Before, if I was just walking away from the game before, then I would have been at peace with that.”

“I would have been cool with that knowing that I tried to win a championship… Now that perspective is totally different. Now I have to win. There are no ifs, ands, or buts about that. I know what that does. The pressure that puts on us as a team.”

When asked whether the season was a championship or bust for the 17-time champions, Melo had a pretty short answer. “It got to be. It has to be. There is no playing around with that.”

The Lakers certainly have taken a massive gamble this off-season. With a new superstar alongside LeBron James and Anthony Davis and a host of very familiar veterans, the Purple and Gold need to win this season’s title. Do you think Carmelo Anthony and the Lakers win the championship this season?

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