Once in a Lifetime: Indi Hartwell and Dexter Lumis Actually Get Married in a WWE Wedding

Dexter Lumis and Indi Hartwell got married! On WWE NXT: September 14th, 2021, the duo brought together a segment where they read vows, had guests, and a priest to make things official. It’s a wedding that actually finished with I Do’s.

Indi Hartwell went first with the vows. She read out hilarious yet sweet vows where she brings in Dexter Lumis’ character and shows it in a positive light.

“You’re misunderstood by so many people. While many people see you as a creep, I see you as my cuddly teddy bear. Some people see you as a stalker but what I see is a caring man with a well groomed moustache and tight clothes, never takes his eyes off me. I find it so sweet how you’re always following me, watching my every move.”

She even tried to talk about the time Lumis snuck into her bed, but Dexter Lumis stopped her before she could move forward.

On the other hand, Lumis didn’t actually read our vows. When it was his turn, he just put up his thumb, indicating Indi Hartwell is his love. Unfortunately, the priest tried to tell him that he should say a few words, and Lumis choked him out.

Nevertheless, Beth Phoenix came to save the day to finish the wedding. Indi Hartwell said “I Do”. But, when it was Lumis’ turn, he was silent for a while, and everyone assumed that was his yes. However, Dexter Lumis spoke for the FIRST TIME EVER and said “I Do”!

Keeping that aside, even Damian Priest and Austin Theory returned for the wedding. However, Austin had a weird theory about why Damian should be at the wedding!

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Dexter Lumis and Indi Hartwell’s wedding was the first one that actually finished

Prior to this, WWE has had other segments where Superstars have gotten married. However, there has always been some amount of drama which would interrupt the wedding or cause some mishap to happen.

Coming to Lumis and Hartwell’s wedding, keeping the bit aside where Lumis choked the first priest, the wedding went forward flawlessly. It even ended with the first kiss after the wedding, where the groom may kiss the bride!

Send your well wishes to the happy couple! @indi_hartwell @DexterLumis #InDexWedding #WWENXT pic.twitter.com/V6dUez7wPb

— WWE NXT (@WWENXT) September 15, 2021

To summarize, WWE NXT: September 14th, 2021, brought two first time evers’ to the WWE Universe – a beautiful wedding and Dexter Lumis speaking for the first time.

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Now, how exciting is that?

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