Sam Thompson says he ‘trusts’ Zara McDermott again and that they’re in a ‘really good place’ after cheating scandal

MADE in Chelsea star Sam Thompson has admitted he finally wholeheartedly trusts Zara McDermott after managing to bounce back from her bedding a music exec behind his back.

The fun-loving star, 29, admits he couldn’t turn his back on the former Love Island babe – adding he sees his future with Zara and she’s determined to learn from  her mistakes and be a better person.

Sam, who has teamed up with Doritos alongside best mate Pete Wicks said: “I am not one to judge. I’ve done a lot of stupid stuff and a lot of it has been televised.

“I think it’s part of growing up. All the drama and stuff that happened not too long ago, I am now at an age where I can sit back and say I love this girl, I see a future with her and yes, people do make mistakes.

InstagramSam Thompson says he now fully trusts girlfriend Zara McDermott once more[/caption]

“I do believe she wants to be a better person and learn from that. It comes down to me and what do I want.

“There is no point reentering a relationship if you don’t trust the person or believe the person.

“Now I wholeheartedly believe her. Over the years I have made so many mistakes but I like to think I have learned from them.”

Sam added:  “I loved Zara enough that I could say, well, that if I had never been given a chance to rectify mistakes then I would be pretty annoyed.

“So I wanted to give her a chance and it has worked wonders and now we are in a really really good place.I sometimes wake up and go. Is this a dream? Do I still have a girlfriend after all the pranks I do?

“I am under no illusions that I am definitely punching.”

Away from his time on Made In Chelsea, Sam keeps fans entertained by pranking Zara around the clock on TikTok – often with his long suffering friend Pete.

The lads’ recently tried their hand at the Doritos Nacho table challenge.

The quirky online craze sees fans build a nacho table with an arrangement of toppings.

Taking his plans to the next level, Sam opted to turn himself into the table before covering himself with lobster and caviar in a nod to his posh roots.

Joking about the task: “Let’s be honest Pete has never got anything dirty on him ever, but I am more than happy to get down and dirty – it was my idea to be the table and my idea to get some lobster too.

“I think it went well but then after a while it started smelling. The problem was no one let me up.

“Pete didn’t help me out at all. It took quite a long time to set up.

“On TikTok it looks so quick but it really takes a while, Pete’s was unbelievable too to be fair to him.”

Admitting he spends hours a day – or night – watching clips on the social media platform, Sam added: “Zara sees me on TikTok at 4am and knows something is about to happen to her with my own videos.

“But Zara has been with me for so long now she knows exactly who and what I am.

“I wouldn’t want to be with someone who doesn’t take these things lightly and there are times she thinks i’m an idiot but it is more fun than anything else.”

To enter the competition, use the hashtag #NachoYourWay and follow Doritos UK on InstagramTwitter and Facebook for more information.

The launch of #NachoYourWay coincides with Doritos’ latest creative marketing platform, ‘Make Your Play’, which encourages people to hit play on self-expression after a year of living life on pause

Pete and Sam showed off their culinary skills by making Doritos Nacho tables

Social Media – Refer to sourceSam says he and Zara are now stronger than ever[/caption]

Sam Thompson teamed up with Doritos as part of their new campaign