Seth Rollins Gives a Special Gift to WWE Legend Stone Cold Steve Austin

Stone Cold Steve Austin announced his next guest, and that’s Seth Rollins. However, the Drip God made an appearance during the announcement itself, and he came bearing a sweet gift for The Texas Rattlesnake.

Seth Rollins came with a jacket for Stone Cold Steve Austin and it was a perfect fit! In fact, Rollins gave the perfect introduction.

“The time has come, finally! They’ve all asked for it. Steve, I am here and I’m not alone. I have come with a gift, a gift from the Drip God. Some Stone Cold Drip, if you will. May I do the homies? Slider on, the fit, the drip. That’s what I’m talking about! Inspired by the beautiful scenery around the Broken Skull ranch. You love to see it!”

Stone Cold Steve Austin was extremely satisfied with the jacket!

“I feel the magic. I feel the charisma!”

Seth Rollins and Edge’s storyline has probably ended

The final match Rollins and Edge had, it ended in a devastating note for the Rated-R Superstar.

Seth Rollins stomped on his neck, and Edge had to be wheeled out of the arena in an ambulance. The curb stomp was the one move that Edge wanted to avoid because he knows the effects it can have on his neck.

The rivalry between the two Superstars started when both tried to pursue the Universal Championship, but Roman Reigns continued to dominate.

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Soon afterwards, Edge and Rollins cut promos where The Rated-R Superstar blamed The Drip God for pushing him into the dark side, and making him love it. In fact, Edge reached a point where he didn’t think twice before pouring black blood on him in the middle of the ring, leaving him embarrassed.

It’s been quite the journey for the WWE Universe with this storyline. However, with Edge being taken out in an ambulance, this could be the end of the storyline.

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On the other hand, if it doesn’t end, Rollins and Edge could possibly become a part of the upcoming Extreme Rules. However, there’s nothing set in stone about this at the moment.

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