Valorant Pro TenZ Makes Surprising Claim About His Signature Agent Jett

The current state of the Valorant has brought a number of agents to the forefront. Sova, Raze, Skye have become crucial parts of the meta, while Killjoy and Breach have fallen off from their high horse. Riot Games indeed has established a balance in Valorant, in terms of the agents, but professional player Tyson ‘TenZ’ Ngo feels otherwise.

The 20-year-old player has garnered a massive fanbase over the course of his career by showcasing exceptional skill. He is currently part of the defending world champion squad and is looking to win his second world title in Berlin.

Following Sentinels’ dominant win over F4Q, Tyson took part in a small interview where he shed light on the agent (Jett). He dropped a massive 30+ frags on Breeze and had totally taken over the match without breaking a sweat.

“Um yeah Jett is pretty, pretty over tuned at the moment and you can definitely go like crazy with the knives, especially on lan like the hit-reg. Opping on Jett, you can get pretty like unpunished, especially if people aren’t running the right compositions to stop a Jett. It’s basically a Jett takeover. Like for example, F4Q didn’t have Sova on Breeze, which would have made my life a lot harder, but they only had a Skye,” he voiced his opinion on the agent.

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TenZ feels VCT Berlin could bring out great upsets

He shed light on the current state of the professional play, and how minor teams have risen. Tyson was glad that things have finally picked up and more teams have risen to the top. This will only open the gate and pave the way for the meta to evolve at a much faster pace. Sentinels did not expect such a strong showing against G2 on their most dominant map, Icebox.

It indeed caught them off-guard, but he assured the fans that it won’t happen again. He also stated that out of all the teams, Vision Striker is looking pretty powerful and they could pose a serious threat soon.

He also made a bold prediction that stated the Korean team will break into the top 4 in berlin. Only time will tell whether his prediction will come true.

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