‘We Maybe Relate to Each Other’ – Conor McGregor Opens Up on His Connection With Jutin Bieber

Conor McGregor was recently in attendance at the MTV VMA awards 2021. While McGregor grabbed much attention at the event due to his altercation with MGK on the red carpet. ‘Notorious’ was originally at the event to present Justin Bieber with the artist of the year award.

Bieber and McGregor share a great relationship and are often seen supporting each other. Therefore, the fighter was present at the awards to support his friend and give him the award. Recently, during an interview with Adam Glyn, McGregor talked about his relationship with Bieber.

He said, “It’s great. It’s great to see him because he’s another guy that has come through it all, you know what I mean? The spotlight real quick and whatnot. So it’s like I think we maybe relate to each other. That’s why we get along.”

“We’ve had chats about the type of thing. You can’t really have a chat like that with that many people. I think me and him can and we’ve just developed a good friendship.”

‘Notorious’ is currently recovering from a leg injury he suffered during his UFC 264 clash with Dustin Poirier. Therefore, McGregor talked about how he was advised against attending the award ceremony.

Conor McGregor gives Justin Bieber VMA after Machine Gun Kelly red carpet clash https://t.co/OFVQOIE6kt

— Irish Sun Sport (@IrishSunSport) September 13, 2021

McGregor said, “And for me to be asked and come here and present an award, I’m deep in my recovery. I mean, my surgeons and doctors and the physical therapists didn’t really want me to come here to New York. You know what I mean, stay still and just get the walk-in.”

“But it was an honor for me to come here and give him a shout-out for the artist of the year and yeah, it’s fun.”

Justin Bieber hyped up Conor McGregor at the VMAs

During his VMA acceptance speech, Justin Bieber gave a shout-out to Conor McGregor. Bieber said that ‘Notorious’ will make a big comeback and will return stronger after the injury.

He said, “Conor, we’re gonna get’em next time, my boy. Let’s go.”  

McGregor faced Poirier in his last fight and lost via a 1st round TKO (doctor’s stoppage). After that fight, McGregor was highly upset and claimed a rematch with ‘The Diamond’.

Justin Bieber used his VMA acceptance speech to guarantee Conor McGregor will be back better than ever. https://t.co/gzlydlmBRq

— TMZ (@TMZ) September 14, 2021

Therefore, one might believe that Bieber is hinting at Poirier when he talks about getting them next time. For now, though, a fight between Poirier and McGregor is unlikely, as while ‘Notorious’ is in recovery, Poirier is set to challenge for the UFC title next.

Do you think the 4th fight between Conor McGregor and Dustin Poirier happen? Let us know in the comments.

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