Peekaboo cut-outs CAN be classy – just remember your shapewear underneath, says Jane Moore

WHEN someone suggested I should look at the latest trend for peekaboo outfits, my response was, rather appropriately, “cut it out.”

After all, I spend most of my time looking for clothes that flatter my good bits and disguise any lumps and bumps, so the last thing I want is a dress where side gaps actually showcase my muffin top.

I found this peekaboo dress from Reserved which embraces the new ‘cut out’ trend, says Jane Moore, Dress, £29.99, Reserved; shoes, £12, Primark

Nor do I want backless because anything I can’t wear a bra with is also a definite no-no.

But then I found this rather slinky number from Reserved which embraces the new ‘cut out’ trend in a way I feel comfortable with.

I also love the colour because ‘camel’ is a great shade for autumn and suits any skin tone.

This is the ‘grown up’ end of the cut-out spectrum with its subtle slash but, of course, if you’re more adventurous you can opt for one of the saucier designs that show much more.

I’m wearing M&S nude shapewear under this dress because, although wonderfully stretchy and comfortable, it also hugs your figure and, in my case, my lockdown belly.

If you want to wear the trend but don’t want such a close-fitting outfit, there are plenty of tops/jumpers around with the same cut out style that can be worn with your favourite jeans or skirt.

I tried the dress with knee high boots for starters, but it didn’t look right so opted for these simple cream court shoes which complement the dress nicely.

I ‘hole’-heartedly recommend it.

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