Animal Crossing: New Horizons- Has Brewster’s Arrival Finally Been Confirmed With the New Update?

Another splendid insider report from within the community points towards Brewster’s addition. It looks like the next major update of Animal Crossing: New Horizons is going to be the biggest update yet. Several reports and leaks from dataminers have already suggested the massive update will overhaul the game.

Everyone loves to interact with the villagers on the island and it looks their personalities will receive a major upgrade. Earlier, reports stated that Brewster will settle inside the museum and set up his famous The Roost Cafe.

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Brewster will enter Animal Crossing New Horizons with the next major update

The community’s obsession with Brewster knows no bounds. Ever since Nintendo released the reboot of the entire franchise with New Horizons, the community has been clamoring for several things. This exciting pigeon, who owns the coffee shop, who makes the best in class brews. 

In the older games, Brewster first showed up in Animal Crossing Wild World and became a staple character from that point onwards. His coffee shop also offers a fantastic stage, where the island’s superstar K.K Slider would host concerts. The coffee can be bought from his cafe that usually costs around 200 bells.

This place served as a great place for all the villagers to hang out and talk about their day. It makes them feel even more lively and adds to their personality. Interaction with these villagers and denizens always makes for amazing conversations, and it becomes even more enticing if coffee is involved.

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Datamined information about the game has churned out awesome things that the studio has planned. It looks like every single villager in the next update will receive a job of their own. The in-game files have coughed up names of various uniforms that include, Doctors, Nurses and even more.

If all this turns out to be true, then the game is going to impressively improve the quality of life. Soon, there will be cops, teachers, and other important character roles added to the game. Even though the studio has not confirmed this news just yet, the game files still point at this villager upgrade. And all players can do now, is wait and see what happens.

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