“I’ll Catch It One Day” – Newest WWE Superstar Details What He Learnt from John Cena in a Brief Encounter

If there’s one person in the WWE Universe a young wrestler should definitely take advice from, it’s John Cena. And, Odyssey Jones has been doing exactly that.

While talking to WWE After The Bell, he revealed that after John Cena returned, Jones was there when the dark match started. During that moment, he observed how The Invisible Man was working and soaked in as much advice he could.

“I remember being in the back in gorilla with John Cena prior to him…his first promo back. I was the dark match before, which is insane. Asked him what he’s thinking and he instantly looked at the screen and jotted off so much stuff. Some of it went over my head and maybe I’ll catch it one day, some of it seeped in. One of the things that seeped in was hearing the crowd chant.”

“Before the show, some people were chanting ‘Cena sucks’ and you heard ‘Let’s go Cena.’ He started rattling things off. I won’t give away all the trick because it’s not every day you get to talk to John Cena. But, he rattles it off, looks at the screen, and instantly popped up and saw people I didn’t see.” H/t WWE After The Bell

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Will John Cena return to WWE again?

The Invisible Man is supposed to come back to WWE, but he has not revealed a date for the same.

When he returned at WWE Money in the Bank, he explained that he has limited time with the WWE Universe and wants to keep other schedules on hold and work with WWE. He was supposed to continue working with WWE following SummerSlam 2021.

Now, he has taken a break from WWE after losing to Roman Reigns at SummerSlam 2021. Even though he said he’ll be back soon, it’s been a while since he’s been away.

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It’s possible he took a break from WWE to resume the schedules that were on hold when he was working all dates following Money in the Bank return. It’s a matter of time before the WWE Universe gets to know if The Invisible Man is planning to return to the company at all.

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