Is Manhunt based on a true story?

MANHUNT is returning to ITV recounting a brand new case through the eyes of DCI Colin Sutton, played by Martin Clunes.

Season 2 follows the hugely successful first series which aired back in 2019 and told the true story of the capture of murderer Levi Bellfield.

RexMartin Clunes stars in Manhunt II: The Night Stalker[/caption]

Is Manhunt based on a true story?

Like the first season, Manhunt II: The Night Stalker tells the real-life story of the pursuit of a notorious burglar and rapist in South London.

Delroy Grant’s crimes took place over a 17-year period – he was eventually captured thanks to DCI Colin Sutton, who was brought into the investigation at a late stage.

Grant carried out a string of burglary and sexual assault offences between October 1992 and May 2008 across south east London.

He preyed on elderly women who lived alone, often attacking them in their beds at night.

Where is Delroy Grant now?

Grant was charged and convicted of rape, indecent assault, and burglary of elderly women across south east London.

Grant is serving a 27 year prison term he received in 2011 at an undisclosed location.

He was given concurrent eight-year sentences for seven indecent assaults, and concurrent six-year sentences for 18 burglaries and attempted burglaries.

Was DCI Colin Sutton involved in the production of Manhunt?

Manhunt II: The Night Stalker, like the first series, is based on DCI Colin Sutton’s own memoirs.

The former detective is involved in the production from the planning and writing stages right through to filming.

Screenwriter Ed Whitmore told the press: “To have Colin always available to answer any question about dialogue or production design – what does the police station look like, what particular photographs did you get of the suspect’s vehicle – is invaluable,” says Whitmore.

The series is based on the crimes of serial rapist Delroy Grant

Actor Martin Clunes, who plays Sutton in the drama, also told the press: “Colin is an amazing resource. We’ve called him from the set in the past to make sure we don’t say something or do something wrong,” says the actor.

“It’s a pleasure to play Colin. He’s the son of a copper and his son’s a copper, so there’s an investment in the act of coppering that runs through him like a stick of rock.

“He’s very good with people and it makes him good at relating. He has a total focus on the task in hand and has a way of looking at something long enough to see if it’s relevant.”

When is Manhunt on TV?

Manhunt returns TONIGHT (September 20, 2021) at 9pm on ITV.

The four-part drama will then continue all this week.

The series continues at 9pm slot tomorrow (September 21, 2021) Wednesday (September 22, 2021), and concludes Thursday (September 23, 2021).