Twitter Blasts Riddick Bowe vs. Lamar Odom After Disturbing Training Footage Surfaces Online

Two-time world heavyweight champion Riddick Bowe is looking to make a comeback in the ring. The former World Champ prepares to take on Lamar Odom in an exhibition match. However, Bowe last fought 13 years ago, and after videos of Bowe training emerged, fans raised their concerns.

The 54-year-old began training for his comeback fight against former two-time NBA champ Lamar Odom. Odom, however, fought last month against rapper Aaron Carter in Miami. He will now start training to fight Bowe.

Twitter reacts to Riddick Bowe vs Lamar Odom

Here’s Riddick Bowe, in preparation for his upcoming fight, and he’s being told “good job” This makes me feel sick, another man should be no where near a boxing ring @loudibella

— Daniel (@TerrySilver1989) September 18, 2021

If Lamar Odom versus Riddick Bowe is an approvable fight in the eyes of Florida combat sports regulators, I struggle to imagine what they would say no to. This is nauseating if they allow this

— Kevin Iole (@KevinI) September 18, 2021

A neurologist examined Riddick Bowe OVER 20 years ago during the kidnapping case and confirmed he’d suffered brain damage. I don’t know enough about how US state sanctioning works to know the answer but I do know the status quo is absolutely fucked.

— Chris Williamson (@chrisrobwill) September 19, 2021

Riddick Bowe is stepping back into the ring & ‘fighting’ on October 2nd.
This is repugnant.
Take a look at him here. It is clear to see he shouldn’t be anywhere near a ring. Those responsible for this so called ‘fight’ should be ashamed of themselves & so should Bowe’s team.

— Colin Roberts (@colin_roberts) September 20, 2021

No. Just NO!!!! This is barbaric and beyond dangerous. The fact that no regulatory body has already put the kibosh on this is shocking and unacceptable. This isn’t sport. This isn’t #boxing. This is a human train-wreck waiting to happen. WTF!

— Lou DiBella (@loudibella) September 18, 2021

At a recent fight, Riddick Bowe could barely walk up the steps to get into the ring to wave hello. This is beyond fucked up.

— Mark Ortega (@MarkEOrtega) September 18, 2021

Fans and boxers alike are against the 54-year-old Bowe returning to the ring. This fight is shaping up to be even worse than the Holyfield vs Belfort fight. Less than a month ago, the Florida State Athletic Commission received backlash for sanctioning the Evander ‘The Real Deal’ Holyfield vs Vitor ‘The Phenom’ Belfort fight.

Days before the fight, during the open media workout, fans raised their concerns regarding Holyfield, who could barely move. Fans condemned the Florida State Commission for sanctioning the fight after the California State Athletic Commission (CSAC) denied Holyfield his boxing license.

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Whyyyyyy are they letting this man fight in a boxing ring? Look how frighteningly slow Riddick Bowe is! Omg. I hate greedy people so much.

— MzFightDiva40 (@MzFightDiva40) September 19, 2021

Stop it! – Disturbing video emerges of Riddick Bowe preparing to fight at 55

— Zee Hands (@HandsZee) September 20, 2021

As great as Riddick Bowe was/is, how can he be allowed to box when he’s clearly got pugilistica dementia? He can barely string a sentence together… #boxing

— Simon Crow (@CarpmanCrow) September 18, 2021

Please keep riddick bowe away from a boxing ring

— BoXiNgRoB2020 (@boxingrob1990) September 19, 2021

You know there’s a massive tragedy on our hands when our focus is on protecting Riddick Bowe from Lamar fuckin Odom. Both these dudes need to go sit in a corner somewhere

— Nadim Haddad (@NadimElHaddad1) September 19, 2021

Didn’t know this was happening

Riddick Bowe fighting a former Lakers player

Paulie Malignaggi fighting that TikTok nonce who slapped him with baby powder

— Oranjeboom Bastard (@EubanksLostPen) September 18, 2021

I know they ain’t about to let Riddick Bowe back in that ring

— Armed&Dangerous (@407KingShotty) September 20, 2021

Agreed…Evander Holyfield was fortunate to dodge disaster, so why tempt fate with Riddick Bowe? Whoever coined the phrase “you don’t play boxing” — whether it be Buster Mathis Sr. or Donnell Pitts — had it right. Please stop this.

— Lee Groves (@LeeGrovesBoxing) September 18, 2021

Riddick bowe was a class fighter but being allowed to box again at 54 years of age is a disgrace. Someone will get hurt soon and boxing will become under extreme pressure cause of incompetentce at the top of the sport. Bad enough seeing YouTubers try and box

— Bow (@Veyseylaaa) September 20, 2021

Riddick Bowe shouldn’t be anywhere near a boxing ring.

Come on boxing, stop demeaning yourself.#boxing #disgrace

— Sam (@SamDasBoot) September 20, 2021

I wonder what the great Eddie Dutch’s advice would be in this situation? The trainer should be banned from training fighters and promoter from promoting!

— Elite Boxing Gym (@eliteboxer) September 19, 2021

Riddick Bowe is in beyond awful condition, so bad that he literally would risk a heart attack or stroke just by climbing into the ring. It’s up to these elected officials to protect these fighters and stop looking at the money. There has to be more requirements then a pulse!!

— Steve0 (@Steve016857618) September 18, 2021

. He can’t be allowed to fight, surely someone has to stop this.

— EverythingBoxing (@EverythingBoxi2) September 18, 2021

Then we got Lamar Odom vs Riddick Bowe soon as well it’s all horrible

— Ranch (@Ranchdingus) September 12, 2021

CSAC stated the reasons for denying Holyfield his license were his diminished skills and old age. Triller then shifted the whole card to Florida, since the State Commission turned out to be more lenient and granted Holyfield his license.

Holyfield was lucky that the fight got stopped in the very first round, as the former champ managed to land just one punch and got knocked out twice. Holyfield was clearly in no shape to fight. Riddick Bowe, on the other hand, looks even worse than Holyfield in his training video.

The Bowe vs Odom fight, scheduled to take place at the James L. Knight Center in Miami falls under the same Commission as the Holyfield vs Belfort fight. If the fight does take place, he could end up seriously hurting himself against an opponent that is 13 years younger than him and much stronger and quicker.

Do you think Riddick Bowe should be allowed to fight?

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