Valorant Fans Call for Major Jett Nerf for Competitive Settings

Valorant players will definitely be familiar with the speed and mobility of using agent Jett during games. The character’s speed is the most essential factor in her gameplay, allowing her to dash distances really quickly. Any user with a good understanding of the game can use Jett to their maximum advantage.

Several questions may arise regarding the overpowered nature of Jett’s dash. While many players might argue that Jett is a highly balanced character, many disagree with this because she is an over-turned agent. Within similar lines, one Reddit user, u/Bernadi_23, put up a post on r/ValorantCompetitive, which highlighted the overpowered nature of the agent, especially in competitive matches.

Is Jett overpowered in Valorant?

The aforementioned Reddit user posted the following on the Valorant Competitive subreddit. And many people tended to agree with what they had to say.

Indeed, this may seem agreeable as a very skilled player with Jett always has an upper hand in the game due to Jett’s Ulti advantage and dashing speed. This affects the team’s strategy to solely focus on Jett, thus being susceptible to backstabbing.

TenZ after the match against F4Q said, “Um yeah Jett is pretty, pretty over tuned at the moment and you can definitely go like crazy with the knives, especially on lan like the hit-reg. Opping on Jett, you can get pretty like unpunished, especially if people aren’t running the right compositions to stop a Jett. It’s basically a Jett takeover. Like for example, F4Q didn’t have Sova on Breeze, which would have made my life a lot harder, but they only had a Skye.”

Reddit reacts to Jett’s overtuning

Reddit users had various reactions to this. While most agreed, some had differing opinions on using other agents to counter Jett. Several users mentioned using Skye and Jett for an undue advantage against the opposition team.

The above suggestion indeed seems like a viable option to maintain fair play and competitiveness between both teams.

While it is true that players’ skills matter within the gameplay, overpowered features of agents do provide an undue advantage to the highly skilled ones. Riot is yet to acknowledge and fix this issue, while its viability is still debated within players in the community.

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