VIDEO: Nick Diaz Gives his Views on Boxing Sensation Canelo Alvarez

Former Strikeforce welterweight champion and UFC veteran Nick Diaz recently appeared on Mike Tyson’s ‘Hotboxin podcast. Nobody could have foreseen this collaboration; While the new episode is still not out, a clip of Nick Diaz checking out Mike Tyson‘s workout room has now surfaced.

Nick Diaz was asked about his thoughts on the upcoming super middleweight championship bout between Canelo Alvarez and Caleb Plant.

While he did not seem to know enough about Caleb Plant to talk about him, he did share his thoughts on boxing’s p4p king.

His response to this question would take fans back down memory lane when he summarized Conor McGregor’s fighting style by saying “I like it”. When asked about his thoughts on Canelo Alvarez, Nick Diaz made his position very clear – “Yeah, I like Canelo”.

When Nick Diaz Called Out Canelo Alvarez

A month after the mega-fight between Gennady Golovkin and Canelo Alvarez, TMZ Sports caught up with Nick Diaz. He was asked if he would ever fight Canelo Alvarez in the ring.

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I never even thought about it, but the guy’s moving up to 168 fighting some no-name (Rocky Fielding) when at the end of the day, they make more money fighting me, you know what I mean? Let’s be real like, Canelo moving up to my weight like you ain’t going to win. 

I mean come on man, you just basically one of them little guys I spar before a fight,” said Diaz.

However, the reporter then interjected by saying the Mexican champion has a lot of experience. Diaz replied, “No, so is Andre Ward”. 

I’m experienced, I’ve been in the gym. 

“Motherf****r I’m a professional fighter, I’ve had over 37 fights, 35 years.

“No, I’ll get them up, I’ll get them off, the gingerbread bro,” said Nick Diaz.

Canelo Alvarez vs Sergey Kovalev had to be delayed because of Nate Diaz

Canelo Alvarez was all set to make his official light heavyweight debut against Sergey Kovalev on November 3, 2019. What the promoters and networks did not consider was that there was another mega combat sports event on that night.

Nate Diaz was taking on Jorge Masvidal for the BMF belt that same night and had gained immense traction amongst most crossover fans.

Most fans were found that they would be forced to pick between watching a UFC super-fight featuring Nate Diaz and a boxing title bout featuring boxing’s p4p king.

UFC have legit overtaken boxing now that Canelo, boxing’s cash cow, is getting moved aside for a bunch of floor huggers

— LDN BOX (@LDN_BOX) November 2, 2019

Later, it was confirmed that Canelo’s light heavyweight debut was delayed until after the Masvidal-Diaz fight at Madison Square Garden.

This did not sit well with boxing fans as many in the US had to stay up post-midnight to watch Canelo’s fight after the BMF fight. Many saw this as the night the UFC officially took over boxing in terms of fan following.

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