Jordan Spieth Offers Sound Advise to Colt Knost on His Return to Professional Golf

Colt Knost retired from professional golf in early 2020, after failing to make the cut at the Waste Management Phoenix Open. He would’ve been required to play another year at the Korn Ferry Tour and try again for the next season of the PGA Tour.

However, he voiced his displeasure against playing on the KF Tour and said, “I just don’t want to go play that other tour anymore,” Knost told the “It’s been fun, but I’m kind of over it even though I still love playing.” Hence, he decided to retire.

However, in an episode of the SiriusXM Radio as the host, Knost revealed something interesting. A call from the PGA Tour informed Knost that due to enough years of playing on the PGA Tour, he was exempt from the KF Tour for a year. Moreover, he asked Jordan Spieth for advice.

Knost asks Jordan Spieth whether he should return to professional golf

He explains to Spieth about the call that revealed a few surprises for him. He tells him that he would be exempt from playing the Korn Ferry Tour in either 2022 or 2023, owing to his number of years on the PGA tour. “What should I do?” he asks Spieth.

Colt found out that he could be exempt on the Korn Ferry Tour next year or in 2023. Should he return to pro golf? Jordan Spieth weighed in with some life and career advice.@JordanSpieth | @PGATOUR | @KornFerryTour | @ColtKnost | @thesleezyman |

— SiriusXM PGA Tour Radio (@SiriusXMPGATOUR) October 12, 2021

With a laugh, Spieth replies, “I think, I think depends on how much you wanna go practice.” Jokingly, Knost says that he doesn’t practice, so that’s not something he’s considering. Spieth reminds him that even though he’s good at golf, the guys on tour are also really good and improving.

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He goes on to add that according to him, Knost is pretty good at what he’s doing; hosting radio shows and podcasts. Knost, however, says, “What I thought was, I just play my schedule like just five or six events and just all the fun stops.”

Spieth is in agreement. “Right. No, I hear you on that. I mean, I don’t see why you wouldn’t do that,” he says. “If nothing else, it’s research for your day job. You’re out, you meet new players. Maybe those players turn into guys you’re gonna interview… I mean, why not? And you get to have fun in the process.”

Spieth, however, adds a crucial piece of advice for Knost. “You just can’t get upset out there,” he says. The latter, with a laugh, says, “Not anymore. I’m past that.”

What do you think of Spieth’s advice? Do you think Knost should give professional golf another try?

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