‘I Was Wrong’ – Lamar Jackson Makes A Believer Out Of His Toughest Critic After Week 5 Heroics

After Baltimore Ravens beat Indianapolis Colts in week five, many NFL viewers and analysts are quickly becoming believers. They’re all becoming believers in Lamar Jackson. Support and adoration for him hasn’t been this high since his 2019 MVP year. However, he’s turned one analyst’s head around completely, and that’s Colin Cowherd.

Lamar Jackson is simply on fire at the moment

Colin Cowherd wasn’t a long-time critic of Lamar Jackson, but he had his doubts about the Ravens’ quarterback. While harping on his physical stature is alarming, impeding on his playing ability seemed valid. However, Lamar has chased away his doubters as the Ravens picked up their fourth win of the season, and their second by coming from behind.

“I admit I had questions about Lamar Jackson. He was kinda skinny; he ran a little too much, he got hit really hard, he had a weird throwing motion and the first year in the league, wasn’t terribly accurate. But then there’s this thing called games on television and you watch. If you still don’t get Lamar Jackson, you’re just not paying attention now. You’re trying to be right, not get it right.”

Sep 19, 2021; Baltimore, Maryland, USA; Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson (8) flips into the end zone for a fourth quarter touchdown against the Kansas City Chiefs at M&T Bank Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

“Folks through the first five games, his stats are better today than they were in his MVP year. Congratulations for those who spotted it earlier; I didn’t. I had my doubts. By the way, I didn’t think Josh Allen; I thought he had a huge bust potential. He was wild, he couldn’t throw completions from eight yards out. I was wrong on Josh Allen.”

“Lamar Jackson, I didn’t really get it. And we have this society of men now that they cannot move off wrong. They somehow view it as a weakness. It’s not a weakness. Being dumb is a weakness; being dumb’s not. Lamar Jackson’s really good. He not only can get you to a Super Bowl, h*ll maybe he should be a favorite.”

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Is this the year Jackson takes the Ravens to the Super Bowl?

Conversations about Lamar Jackson being in the MVP picture have begun. However, the bigger picture wouldn’t be the MVP award but the Super Bowl. Jackson has already won the MVP award, but it came during the season where the Ravens did not qualify for the playoffs. He made the Pro Bowl team for sure, but it must’ve hurt to not be in the postseason picture.

This year, the Ravens stand as one of the best teams in the AFC and lead the AFC North division comfortably. Alongside Arizona Cardinals and Tampa Bay, they are the favorites to make it to the playoffs. But what happens once they make it there? Will Jackson cope with the pressure of delivering for his team on a stage he’s never competed on?

It comes down to the rest of Ravens’ squad to deliver on behalf of Jackson. With Calais Campbell on defense, Justin Tucker at the field goal with his brand new 99 Madden Rating, and Marquis Brown ready to sprint down to the end zone, the Ravens have a team very much capable of going all the way.

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