John Cena Breaks the Internet With Cryptic Roman Reigns Post

Roman Reigns is believed to be the most popular heel in WWE history. According to the record-breaking merchandise sale, Roman Reigns’ merchandise sale has increased drastically. He has set a rival record of merchandise sales with John Cena.

The current WWE Universal Champion is ruling the SmackDown brand with the bloodline brothers along with Paul Heyman. The 2021 Draft had drafted Reigns and Usos on the same brand once again.

John Cena mentions Roman Reigns in his Instagram Post

Recently, John Cena published a post mentioning that Roman Reigns is the most popular villain in WWE history. The SmackDown brand’s Universal Champion is shining with his pride. To be precise, Reigns is setting a record of competitor numbers for John Cena. Cena has been the company’s face for almost a decade. Cena’s merchandise is promoted as the face of the company. 

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Many sources say that Reigns is equally matching Cena’s merchandise sales. Reigns have been a heel for over a year now with the Universal Championship. Fans have appreciated and recognized ‘The Head of the Table’ with his in-ring character. Reigns’ character has a bigger influence on the fans because of his new character. Surprisingly, a heel like Reigns got major attention from the fans. Roman Reigns is one of the superstars of WWE, along with The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin as a heel for a large number of merchandise sales.

Reigns’ next championship defense will take place at WWE Crown Jewel in Saudi Arabia when he will face the freshly returned Brock Lesnar. Reigns’ current role as the villain “head of the table” has received widespread appreciation from fans. According to reports, the company intends to continue to promote him as its top star and keep him attached to the Universal Championship for the time being.

Will Roman Retain his title at Crown Jewel? Is there a new story waiting to open up? Let us know in the comment box.

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