LeBron James Joins Fellow NBA Superstar Stephen Curry As An Investor In This Fitness Brand

LeBron James is not just the King of basketball but also when it comes to minting money. And he doesn’t do that just by getting on the hardwood floor and piling up accolades in his resume, but also through smart investments and collaborations with big brands. Bron has his footing everywhere, and he just extended that empire by becoming a brand partner and investor for Tonal.

LeBron James is officially an Investor in Tonal

Tonal is a California-based development that ensures a workout platform and fitness training in the comfort of one’s home. With its popularity growing, it has funding of around $215 million, most of them being athletes that have taken interest and become investors.

Ranging from WNBA legend Sue Bird, former and current NFL stars like Drew Brees and Larry Fitzgerald, Mike Tyson, Maria Sharapova, and even NBA’s Golden State Warriors superstar Stephen Curry. And now amongst the 30 athletes that have invested in it, LeBron James has been added to the list.

Tonal’s newest investor and brand partner:

LeBron James

The on-demand, virtual personal trainer introduces King James to its newest campaign and roster of over 30 athlete investors. pic.twitter.com/xQWawQVLRP

— Front Office Sports (@FOS) October 13, 2021

There couldn’t be anyone more perfect to join a fitness brand than LeBron. The Los Angeles Lakers star is the epitome of athleticism. Even at the age of 36 years, he is one of the fittest NBA players and still plays like he is in his prime.

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How Tonal has seen growth in the past year

With the Coronavirus pandemic still very much a part of our lives, fitness freaks have been deprived of going to the gym in person. So, programs such as Tonal have seen a surge and benefited from it in the past year. In fact, Tonal even claims that NBA teams that were part of the Orlando Bubble last year, half of them used their equipment.

LeBron is known for making smart investments. If he has shown faith in a brand, it is more likely to be a good one. However, this can only be concluded after a while. With gyms opening little by little, will Tonal become history? Or will people still prefer to opt to work out at home?

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