This Simple Breakfast is Perfect For Sprinters According To Yohan Blake

While Usain Bolt might be the fastest man on earth, Yohan Blake isn’t far behind. Hailing from Jamaica itself, Blake is a 4-time Olympic medalist, with 2 gold medals to his name.

Blake won two silver and a gold medal in the 2012 London Olympics. Overcoming injuries, he went on to win another medal at Rio, 2016. Courtesy of his heroics, Bolt himself has nicknamed Yohan as ‘the beast’.

Recently, Yohan Blake took to Twitter to reveal the perfect breakfast for sprinters. Blake is known for his strength and endurance and he often shares noteworthy tips with his fans too.

This is what you should have for breakfast, according to Blake

According to the Olympic Legend, oats are the perfect breakfast to eat. Notably, Blake says, oats are the perfect food to consume both before and after running.

He posted a tweet sharing the benefits of this meal.

Oatmeal is one of the best choices for breakfast before your training/ race and it’s perfect post-run to replenish your glycogen. Though oatmeal is full of fibre, it’s light on the stomach and easily digestible, especially when you use water rather than milk.

— Yohan Blake (@YohanBlake) October 12, 2021

Oatmeal is one of the best choices for breakfast, for training, and even for one’s post-run intake. They are easily digestible and allow one to train harder. Apart from all these benefits, it also helps one to recover from workouts and races faster.

Star sprinter Yohan Blake inspires in new video

In the most recent episode of “Yohan Blake TV”, he shared some pool exercises to sprint faster and for better endurance and strength. He also talked about how it’s not too late to start doing anything new.

Tokyo 2020 Olympics – Athletics – Men’s 100m – Semifinal – OLS – Olympic Stadium, Tokyo, Japan – August 1, 2021. Fred Kerley of the United States, Andre De Grasse of Canada, Yohan Blake of Jamaica, Tlotliso Leotlela of South Africa and Usheoritse Itsekiri of Nigeria in action during Semifinal 1 REUTERS/Dylan Martinez

Blake revealed that he gets the question, “Is it too late to start sprinting?” a lot. For Blake, it is never too late to start doing anything at all. More importantly, others should not dictate what you yourself want to do, says Blake.

“Just remember, as I said before, don’t let anyone tell you you can’t. If you want to start something, start. Don’t listen, believe in yourself, trust God at all times, make the pool become your best friend,” said Blake.

Yohan Blake also has a very unique motto, which is, “Beat the ice by the night.” 

Blake has advised his viewers to really follow their heart, and follow his breakfast plan as well. Have you tried Blake’s recommended breakfast yet?

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