My 34JJ boobs won’t stop growing and I’m terrified I will suffocate my baby

SINCE the age of just 10-years-old, Elizabeth Catlin’s breasts have not stopped growing.

The 32-year-old mum is terrified that her 34JJ boobs will continue to grow and that she could suffocate her baby.

CatersElizabeth Caitlin has size 34JJ breasts which she says have not stopped growing since she was 10-years-old[/caption]

CatersThe 32-year-old said she was scared to breastfeed her daughter Willow (pictured together above) as she was worried she would suffocate her[/caption]

Elizabeth, from Swadlincote, Derbyshire is now desperate for boob reduction surgery as she also struggles with severe back pain.

She said: “My boobs haven’t stopped growing since I was a 10 year old child and obviously my boobs grew even bigger during my pregnancy.

“I really wanted to breastfeed my daughter because I thought it would be an amazing way to bond, but my boobs were just too big.

“My breasts are so big that they entirely covered Willow’s whole face and she would have just suffocated underneath them.

“It was really upsetting because it was something I’d really wanted to try but I just couldn’t.”

Elizabeth said that the size of her breasts have an impact on what she can do with her daughter Willow.

She explained: “I have to carry her above my boobs as I can’t carry her on my hips because my boobs are in the way.

“I can’t even hug her properly, she has to be above my boobs in order to hug me back.

“And because of the constant and severe back pain caused by the size of my boobs, I can’t really run around after her and play with her.”

Elizabeth was in her twenties when she realised that her boobs weren’t going to stop growing and is unable to find bras that fit her.

She says she has to use two sports bras if she wants to exercise.

She added: “I am sure my boobs are still growing because I am still going up in cup sizes. I am now bursting out of bras that fit me a couple of months ago.

“As I have gotten older my boobs have gotten heavier, they hurt more and they are blotchy purple where the strain of the weight has stretched the skin so thin.

“I hate them. I have a bad back all of the time and they physically hurt to touch which obviously affects my time with my husband.”

I have even been called a ‘slag’ before while wearing a turtleneck. I can’t win.

Elizabeth Caitlin

She added that if Richard, 37, touches her, it feels like ‘shooting electricity’.

“I have to be very careful when I am cooking over the stove so that I don’t burn them, which I have done a few times previously. They just get in the way of everything”, she said.

Now Elizaebth says she only buys baggy clothes in order to hide her body.

“If I wore anything where you can slightly see my boobs I get disgusting attention from men and people just stare at them.

“I have even been called a ‘slag’ before while wearing a turtleneck. I can’t win”, she added.

The size of her breasts is a massive inconvenience for Elizabeth as she is unable to buy bras from the High Street and instead heads online where they can cost anything between £30 to £50.

What does breast reduction surgery involve?

WOMEN who are unhappy with their breast size, weight or shape can have a reduction to make them more lifted and smaller.

The surgery is carried out under general anaesthetic and will typically involve the following process:

moving the nipple to its new position, typically while it is still attached to the blood supply
removing excess fat, skin and glandular tissue from the breast
reshaping the remaining tissue in the breast

The operation typically takes between 90 minutes and four hours and most women are left with a scar around the nipple or along the breast crease.

Recovery takes two to six weeks and you should avoid strenuous exercise for six weeks after the operation.

What are the alternatives?

It can be possible to reduce the issues caused by having larger boobs, such as:

losing weight
having a professional bra-fitting service to reduce discomfort
physiotherapy to help with aches and pains
psychological support to help cope with emotional issues

She claims she has been turned away multiple times by NHS doctors when she has asked for a boob reduction and instead they have just told her to lose weight.

Elizabeth, a stay-at-home-mum, added: “No matter my weight I have always had large boobs, even when I was 10 stone I still had large boobs.

“My weight fluctuates, as most women do, but my boobs have just kept growing. I went from 13 stone 34G to 10 stone with 34H – they just kept growing despite my weight loss.

“So I have taken matters into my own hands and I am trying to raise the money for the surgery myself.

“It would completely change my life.”

She said that there is a big misconception that having large boobs is a good thing.

Elizabeth added: “I even struggle to sleep. I can’t lie on my back as they’re too heavy, I can’t lie on my front as it’s too painful.

“I have to lie on my sides and even then I have to physically position my breasts with my hands.

“I’d love to just do simple things like chase my daughter around and wear halter neck tops.”

To donate to Elizabeth’s breast reduction fundraiser visit her GoFundMe page.

CatersElizabeth said she has to be careful doing normal activities such as cooking as she has previously burnt her breasts[/caption]

CatersThe mum says she suffers with severe back pain because of the size of her breasts[/caption]

CatersElizabeth says she has asked NHS doctors for surgery but that they have just told her to lose weight[/caption]

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