Hall of Famer Does Not See the NBA Rule Changes Bothering James Harden or Trae Young

With the passage of time, every sporting league makes certain tweaks in the rules. At times, to benefit the athletes, other times to benefit the business, these changes come good. But the NBA’s latest rule modifications are certainly not as good for the players like James Harden and Trae Young.

If anything, the NBA preseason was a reflection of how the players failed to force fouls. So if these players who heavily depend on certain moves, do not flex and improvise, things can impact them poorly. At least an NBA Hall of Famer has his utmost faith in these star performers. 

Reggie Miller has a good outlook for James Harden & Trae Young

The former Indiana Pacers legend does not see the rule changes as a problem for the young gen. In a recent interview, he told Scoop B that, “Players learn to adapt. They’ll learn the secrets. That’s what they do.” Not just that, Knick Miller confessed how he too used some of those non-basketball moves to force foul calls.

Reggie Miller on NBA’s new rules: “The players will adapt.”

“The leg kick was certainly a weapon I used.”

Miller says James Harden, Trae Young will have to adjust. “Players learn to adapt.”

“They’ll learn the secrets. That’s what they do.”

— Brandon “Scoop B” Robinson (@ScoopB) October 15, 2021

Both James Harden and Trae Young based their offensive game on snatching free throws by forcing their bodies on defenders. Funnily enough, the former, at times used his long beard to challenge a ref for a foul. But those days are behind them now.

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Russell Westbrook sees a benefit in these changes

Recently, Ice Trae became the victim of these advancements when he failingly tried a move on Heat’s Gabe Vincent. However, the 23-YO still scored a 27-point double-double in their blowout win

Even before that, Russell Westbrook tried to pull the same stunt and converted neither his three-pointer nor the FT. 

great answer from Russ when he was asked about adjusting to the new no jumping into defenders to draw fouls rule and what he thought when he didnt get the call tonight. pic.twitter.com/RDXkxk0jSw

— Rob Perez (@WorldWideWob) October 13, 2021

So in the post-game interview, a reporter asked if the new league rules are a problem. The 32-YO jokingly responded, “Ain’t nobody flying at me, so I’ll be alright.I’m not surprised. So not much of an adjustment for me. But guys actually using it all the time, it’s definitely gonna be an adjustment for them.”

Maybe he was hinting towards his former teammate Harden because he knows the latter’s game very well. So what’s your say, will this lead to 

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