Massive Update on WWE Firing Bray Wyatt

The pro-wrestling fans were shocked when WWE announced via their social media that they have come to terms with their former World Champion, Bray Wyatt aka ‘The Fiend’ earlier this year.

Ever since Wyatt’s release from the company, the WWE Universe has been waiting for the former WWE Universal Champion. The reason WWE gave for Wyatt’s release was because of their ‘budget cuts’ and nothing personal.

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However, it is now reported that WWE had issues with Wyatt backstage. According to Andrew Zarian of ‘Mat Men Pro Wrestling‘ podcast, he revealed that WWE was having more than just creative differences with Bray Wyatt.

NEW YORK, NY – August 23: Roman Reigns and Bray Wyatt stare each other down at the WWE SummerSlam 2015 at Barclays Center of Brooklyn on August 23, 2015, in New York City. (Photo by JP Yim/Getty Images)

Bray Wyatt had “performance issues” in WWE

Speaking on his podcast, Zarian confessed he had been in contact with a person in WWE who gave him this inside news regarding Wyatt’s firing.

He said that WWE was having issues with his weight and in-ring performances. This is what many believe resulted in a bizarre rivalry between The Fiend and Randy Orton where Wyatt was “burnt alive” just to get him off TV.

“Bray was being difficult. I’m gonna fill in a lot, I’m not even gonna quote here because I have the quote [and] I don’t wanna quote it. He was a little difficult. He had some performance issues in the ring and he had some weight issues and I’m not saying that’s a reason but you kind of piece things together as to the things when you evaluate a talent and you’re like we need this”

“We need that and this is the plan moving forward…sometimes the decision is easier to make if you make it more difficult for them to make that decision.”

It is really hard to believe that a wrestler like Bray Wyatt was having such performance issues in a company that invested a lot in him.

However, it looks like Wyatt is more than ready to make his comeback in the pro-wrestling business and one place which might suit him is AEW.

Where do you think we will see Wyatt next?

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