Genshin Impact version 2.2 guide to building Chongyun into a powerful DPS character

The latest version 2.2 of Genshin Impact has just rolled out of the gate. It has brought a range of amazing units, features, weapons, and characters to the game. Fans also got a third chance to pick up Childe in this re-run banner, while Hu-tao will follow soon.

In the third re-run banner of Tartaglia, fans will once again get a chance to pick up Chongyun. This 4-star cryo unit is making a comeback in the game. The best thing about him is that he can be turned into a powerful DPS character.

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Perfect build for Chongyun in Genshin Impact version 2.2

Chongyun is a great off-the-field support unit, but he does not work with every single DPS unit. His ability to infuse on-field character’s attack with Cryo makes him a weird support unit. However, if used as a carry, this character can dish out insane damage with his abilities and claymore. You will only have to build a team around him, and majorly freeze composition, weapons, and the right artifacts.


There are a variety of great options in Claymore to choose from. However, the Battle Pass weapon in Serpent Spine works the best for DPS build. It offers a crit rate as the primary stat with the weapon’s passive ability improving damage output to another level.

Team composition

The perfect way to build him is by focusing on freeze composition. This works the best with Xinqiu as he can constantly provide Hydro application. This will ensure that enemies stay frozen while Chongyun slays everyone down. In the third position, healers like Bennett and Diona can fit the bill. Although you need to have a secondary cryo unit to make use of cryo resonance.

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Lastly, artifacts need to revolve around buffing his cryo damage output. The best pairing would be with the Blizzard Strayer, as it will allow him to amp up his crit rate and deal even more damage to frozen enemies.

With this guide, you can finally get the perfect build for Chongyun.

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