Call of Duty: Warzone Should Take Lessons in Handling Cheaters From Valorant

Valorant’s Vanguard anti-cheat technology is apparently working quite well as compared to its expectations in 2020. Furthermore, there were a lot of controversies last year regarding Vanguard’s working process. Players were angry that it loads by default and quietly runs in the background even when Valorant isn’t running.

Riot stood up to the hackers and stuck to the basic requirement: In order to play Valorant, you’ve got to run Vanguard. Even after a year of release, Riot is doing quite a good job in detecting hackers and banning them. Whereas, Activision is still receiving a lot of criticism because of an increased amount of hackers in Warzone.

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Vanguard is detecting hackers quite well

Riot anti-cheat analyst Matt “K3o” Paoletti recently told players that the rate of reports for cheating in Valorant is the lowest they’ve ever been. K3o explained, “the global popularity of VALORANT has created a global market for these nefarious actors, and we make sure to respond accordingly.

K3o reported that there has been an increase in hardware cheats that use external appliances to cheat rather than software on the device itself. He even added that the cheat developers are using machine learning algorithms to combat detection.

In order to tackle cheat users, K30 praised their team’s efforts to compete with the hackers. He proudly said,” Our team has been able to stay a few steps ahead in the battle and routinely ban cheats across a wide variety of providers and methods of execution.

“Not only that, we’re tackling unique forms of cheating outside of the typical aimbots, such as cheats that look to tamper with the game engine and assets. As of today, report rates are at an all-time low.”

Because of the team’s constant efforts, the report rates are the lowest they’ve ever been. Furthermore, K30 also gave players a glimpse of what are their plans for the future.

Riot upcoming plans for Valorant anti-cheat enforcement

K30 acknowledged that there are still and always will be cheaters to face. Following that he added,” that cheating is never a viable way to long term competitive success in Valorant.”

Riot will carry on its fight against cheaters by continuing to develop Vanguard. K30 announced they will focus on utilizing security upgrades in operating systems that enable us to better identify and prevent cheaters.

We can expect this to be a reference to the requirement for TPM (Trusted Platform Module 2.0) on Windows 11-based PCs. He further told that their team is trying to improve users’ account security. It’s because they want to prevent the growing trend of cheaters buying high-level accounts to cheat against higher-level players.

Moreover, it looks like the effectiveness of Valorant’s anti-cheat motivated Activision to take some actions for Warzone. Activision recently announced that it’s launching a kernel level anti-cheat for Call of Duty: Warzone. Now the big question is will Activision’s new anti-cheat technology save Warzone’s future? Let us know in the comments down below.

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