WWE Raw Results: Bianca Belair Busts Charlotte Flair Open in Impressive Main Event

Bianca Belair got a shot at a championship once again on WWE Raw tonight. But this time it was not for the SmackDown Women’s Championship. The E.S. T of WWE fought Charlotte Flair for the Raw Women’s Championship in the main event.

The two superstars started the match pretty well as they countered each other with almost similar moves. Bianca even mocked Charlotte Flair after showing her athleticism. But The Queen came back strong as she sends Bianca flying over the announcers’ table soon after that.

It was exciting to watch both these superstars battle it out. Bianca also showed her strength and physicality, but Charlotte always seemed a step ahead of Bianca. But Bianca turned the tables when she hit Charlotte with a spinebuster and send her flying over the announcers’ table this time.

The two were involved in a very physical fight tonight for the Raw Women’s Championship. Charlotte Flair even got busted open during the match.

It so happened that while Charlotte was trying to get up in order to avoid Bianca’s famous moonsault move, the backside of Bianca’s boot hit her, which made her bust open.


But Charlotte looked likely to pick up the win when she hit Bianca with a spear. However, Bianca kicked out. And then, it was Bianca who dominated the match as she showed her strength by hitting a powerbomb and a suplex on Charlotte.

Just as it looked Bianca was going to win, The Queen took out a chair from under the ring and hit Bianca with it, leading to a disqualification. It was certainly not the way the fans would have wanted to see this match end. But Bianca was in a mood to punish as she took the chair and slammed it on Charlotte’s back as she stood tall in the ring.

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Charlotte Flair talks about the conspiracy against her

Charlotte Flair’s last night on Raw did not go as she expected. In the opening stages of Raw, we saw Charlotte disappointed with the treatment she got. Charlotte claimed there was some kind of conspiracy against her.

She thought she will receive farewell hugs and ‘Thank You Charlotte’ chants on her last night on Raw. Instead of that, she had to defend her title against Bianca Belair, whom Charlotte called a ‘rookie’.

Charlotte also said that there is favoritism towards Bianca as she is not even on the Raw roster yet and will also have two title opportunities this week. Do you think The Queen has got a point?

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