After Xbox Series X Consoles, Scalpers Now Target the Console-Inspired Mini Fridge

A mini-fridge that looks like your favorite console does sound pretty exciting to fans of console gaming. Keeping that in mind, Microsoft has launched mini-fridges that look like the Xbox Series X console and this does seem like something to perpetuate the hype amongst the fans. However, the sad part here would be scalpers getting hold of these items and reselling them for triple the retail price.

Scalpers back at hiking prices for Xbox Series X Mini-Fridge

Scalpers have been a menace to the console market for quite a while, increasing the prices of Xbox Series and PlayStation 5 consoles during restocks. They have been selling the products at a much higher price, which has angered many people eagerly waiting for their consoles. Now it seems they have clinched their hold on Xbox Series X styled mini-fridges as well.

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The mini-fridge was made available for pre-ordering on October 19 and looks much like an actual Series X console. The stock ran out for this accessory right at its release. This refrigerator is up for grabs exclusively from the UK retailer GAME at £89.99. However, scalpers have started putting up listings on eBay with some costing around £279.99.

While this fridge will be released this December, there might be few problems that could trouble scalpers. eBay’s policy guarantees shipping within 30 days and this would mean that these listings stand void, as the release is way more than 30 days from now. This might eventually lead to a loss for both scalpers and purchasers from these entities.

eBay has also started removing these listings from its website. Scalpers had previously caused the same issue when Steam-Deck was available for pre-orders.

In other news, Xbox Series X Halo: Infinite edition has just received a surprise restock in the United States and will be available for $549.99. This might be available for a limited period of time as the stock might get exhausted soon. The Xbox Series X Halo: Infinite edition is based on Halo, and the design includes a digital edition of the game along with it. Grab this limited edition console from here.

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