WATCH: Raikkonen & Giovinazzi Argue Over the Most Hilarious Topic Ever

Kimi Raikkonen is one of the most amusing characters in the F1 paddock. Ever since he joined the sport in 2001, Raikkonen has managed to entertain the F1 fans in the most counter-intuitive way that one can. In a grid full of drivers who are extremely expressive and love to talk, whether it’s YouTube or any other Social Media, Raikkonen loves to stay quiet. However, every time he speaks up, it’s almost guaranteed that he will end up making the F1 fans laugh their hearts out.

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Kimi Raikkonen and Giovinazzi has given a choice between Grilled Cheese and Mac ‘n’ Cheese

A quite similar thing happened when Kimi Raikkonen and his Alfa Romeo teammate Antonio Giovinazzi were answering some fun questions ahead of the United States Grand Prix. Raikkonen and Giovinazzi were asked whether they would prefer Grilled Cheese or Mac ‘n’ Cheese.

There’s a lot about this that’s amusing but Raikkonen explaining the concept that you get both ‘Mac’ AND ‘Cheese’ might just take the biscuit.

— The Race (@wearetherace) October 19, 2021

Antonio instantly made a disgusted face when he heard of Mac n Cheese. As an Italian, he considers it to be ‘fake pasta’, quite rightly so, because Italians don’t usually add cow’s milk mixed with spices (Cheddar) to pasta–the cheese they use as a pasta topping is usually Parmigiano, Pecorino Sheep cheese, or Gorgonzola. So he chose Grilled Cheese.

However, when it was Kimi’s turn to answer, he seemed quite amused that Antonio chose Grilled Cheese because, for him, the choice was pretty clear. It has to be Mac n Cheese for Kimi.

Kimi’s logic for choosing Mac n Cheese

The reason? Simple. Mac and Cheese is supposedly more food than only cheese. Kimi’s logic for choosing Mac n Cheese is that Mac n Cheese has more food than grilled cheese because there is mac being added to the cheese. So there’s no point in choosing only cheese.

Formula One F1 – Dutch Grand Prix – Circuit Zandvoort, Zandvoort, Netherlands – September 2, 2021 Alfa Romeo’s Kimi Raikkonen at the circuit REUTERS/Benoit Tessier

There’s more food than just the cheese. You get both, you get mac and you get cheese,” said Raikkonen, as Antonio tried his best to convince him that Mac n Cheese is a fake pasta and no one should choose it. However, Raikkonen was pretty fixed on his answer.

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This is Kimi’s last season in Formula 1, and it’s pretty evident that his presence is going to be missed by one and all.

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