B&M shoppers left in hysterics over awkward spelling blunder on mug

B&M shoppers have spotted an awkward spelling blunder one of the chain’s mugs and it has the internet in hysterics.

It’s part of a range of star sign mugs, which have each sign’s constellations printed on them.

RedditB&M has bemused shoppers with this awkward typo on a Pisces mug[/caption]

But despite getting the tricky part right, the chain has managed to spell one six-letter star sign wrong.

Taking to Reddit to share the blunder, one shopper said: “Take a trip to your local B&M for your “Pices” mug.”

The fish-themed astrological sign should be spelled “Pisces”.

Commenting on the awkward mistake, Reddit users said: ““LOL I might get this for my mom. She’s a Pisces and a teacher so it will doubly annoy her.”

Another reader joked: “Have they got one for Vingos?”

While a third asked: “Did they have any Capricom?”

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