BT Sport app tips and tricks – from jumping to the action with ‘timeline’ to adding fun graphics in ‘Hype Mode’

BESIDES a whole bunch of live Premier League and European footy, the BT Sport app has a tonne of fun features to play around with.

From a tool that lets you jump to a match’s key moments to “Hype Mode”, here are some of the app’s best bits designed for fans of the beautiful game.

AFPThe BT Sport app has a bunch of handy features to try out[/caption]

BT SportBT Sport’s Manager Mode lays real-time graphics over live Premier League games[/caption]

Manager Mode

Manager mode overlays stats and other information onto your screen so you can track what’s happening in more detail.

It’ll show things like player names, touch maps and the speed of a winger or fullback in real-time.

Launched last season, an upgraded version was rolled out for the 2021/22 Premier League campaign.

It includes includes an updated mini map showing both teams’ real-time formations.

Manager Mode works on both small screen devices like your smartphone and large screen gadgets like your smart TV.

You can switch it on or off when watching a live game of Premier League football.

BT SportHype Mode overlays fun graphics and visuals over games[/caption]

Hype Mode

This one’s a little weird, but a lot of fun.

Launched with the 2021/22 season, Hype Mode overlays fun graphics and visuals over the top of Premier League games.

According to BT Sport: “Geared towards children and adults alike, it features fun, action-themed on-screen descriptions to provide a revolutionary new way of enjoying live football.”

“The on-screen descriptions highlight key plays, shot tracers lined with graphics such as blazes of fire, player runs augmented with smoke trails, and larger-than-life on-pitch graphics to denote shot speeds.”

The Hype Mode graphics are designed to mirror those used in surreal football highlight edits frequently posted to social media by fans.

Those clips often add visual elements like blazes of fire behind sprinting players to make them more eye-catching and fun.

Timeline lets viewers jump straight to game highlights, such as goals orc ards


Arguably one of the BT Sport app’s most useful features, Timeline allows viewers to jump to the highlights of a game while it’s still live.

It means you can quickly view a game’s key moments, such as goals or cards, if you’ve joined the action midway through.

Better yet, you can re-watch those key moments and then move seamlessly back to the live action.

Simply scroll across to your highlight of choice and select it to watch.

Timeline is available in up to 4K HDR quality on consoles, smart TVs and other large screen platforms.

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