Animal Crossing: New Horizons Update 2.0 Promises New Shops for Fans to Enjoy

Animal Crossing: New Horizons 2.0 update is only a few weeks away from its launch. Payers really want to try the new content arriving with the upcoming update. Nintendo also held a 20-minute long presentation to discuss all the major changes coming in the next update.

Among all the upcoming features, the major highlight is the new characters that users will encounter on their island. Furthermore, many popular characters from old titles will return to New Horizons and will open their store on Harv’s Island. Thus, we will see new shops with amazing features and items for everyone to enjoy.

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Eight new shops arriving at Animal Crossing: New Horizons in 2.0 update

Nintendo will change Harv’s Island completely in the upcoming update. Harvey will invite other characters to open their store on his island and users are excited to experience much more than a free photography studio, Photopia, on Harv’s Island. In the Direct, we saw Harriet, Katrina, Savannah, Tortimer, Leaf, Red, Kicks, and Rhys & Cyrus with their own store.

Source: Mayor Mori

Therefore, we will see up to eight new shops at Harv’s Island. Moreover, according to YouTuber Mayor Mori, the new space looks filled and we might not see over eight shops in the area. In the beginning, the entire space will be empty, filled with Lloid pursuing you to donate bells to open up a store.

Since all these characters are primarily traveling characters who players can usually encounter on their island, we can assume they will still travel to users’ island, but their shop on Harv’s Island will be closed during that time. After players pay the payments to Lloid, all the characters will move in on Harv’s Island permanently.

Players will also encounter four new features in the upcoming update. Harriet will give users exclusive haircuts, Katrina will perform fortune-telling, Tortimer will allow players access to their storage at home, and Rhys & Cyrus can redesign furniture that can’t be customized. Interestingly, it looks like among all eight characters Harriet will not open her own store but will set up a pop-up store.

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