Subaru and Philadelphia Union Unite to Unveil State-of-the-Art Gaming Center

Subaru and Philadelphia Union revealed their huge Esports gaming center in MLS stadium. They’re calling it “Subaru Esports Hub.” This gaming facility is so huge that it’s in an MLS stadium. It’s the first gaming center in history which is located inside an MLS stadium. The entire facility is full of modern gaming technology.

And fans will have a great time playing their favorite titles here. The facility will be accessible to the public on game day; however, they will need to buy tickets for the entry.

In fact, the facility will also be available to host private parties/events like birthdays, tournaments, corporate events, but the events will need to be booked ahead of time. Gamers can also bring their own game to play at the facility, but only for private events. As of now, there are only three games that are available to play at the center, which are DiRT 3, Rocket League, and FIFA 22.

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Subaru, Philadelphia Union, and Esports

However, in the future, there are plans to expand their games library. During game days, the public won’t need any reservations, just a ticket would do the job.

Now let’s talk about the hardware side of it. The “Subaru Esports Hub” has some mind-blowing hardware to offer, like:

12 gaming stations featuring a PlayStation 4/PlayStation 5 that will let you play on top-shelf monitors in 1080p with 120 FPS (max).
Latest headsets with THX Spatial Audio
Three 65-inch TVs for Twitch stream-viewing and watching sports
Coming in the near future, the space will see the expansion of next-generation at every gaming station”

Esports is a booming sector, and the past few years have been really amazing for this industry. This has attracted a lot of attention from big players in the world of investment and even billionaires. And now, everybody wants to be a part of this growing sector.

This gaming facility is a huge achievement for the Esports industry. And eventually, it will contribute to a bright future for this sport.

Comment down and let us know which game will you play at the “Subaru Esports Hub?”

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