Latest Warzone Stream Sees TimTheTatman Break Dr Disrespect Yet Again!

The career of Dr Disrespect is going swimmingly on YouTube. And not too long ago, fellow streamers in TimTheTatman and Dr. Lupo made the switch from Twitch to YouTube Gaming on exclusive contracts.

Tim may not possess the greatest gaming skills, but he compensates for his shortcomings with his humor. This sometimes creates a scenario where Tim compels Doc to break his character. And that’s what happened during a recent Warzone stream.

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video source:  CHAMPIONS CLUB

Dr Disrespect’s partnership with TimTheTatman

Tim and Doc’s duo is one of the most iconic in the gaming ecosystem. Their reunion after being separated for a year has made the red platform the best place for viewers to land. This amazing duo compliments each other in a unique way that other streamers cannot match.

Doc’s permanent ban from Twitch has prevented streamers like Cloakzy, Nickmercs, and more from joining forces. This is the reason why Doc’s closest allies, Dr Lupo and Tim, made the jump. Currently, the purple platform is facing a bit of a rebellion as streamers continue to side with Doc. Earlier in the year, Doc stated that he finally knew why Twitch had banned him permanently.

He stated that his legal team was currently looking into the matter and soon the entire world would learn the truth as well. This is what kick-started the rebellion. No one really knows how things will turn out when the legal discourse comes to its conclusion.




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Dr Disrespect could make a return to Twitch

Doc’s life has been like a crazy rollercoaster, and it indeed went through its fair share of ups and downs. However, the streamer never really made any compromises, and this has been the best aspect of his personality. Despite facing fan backlash and making errors, Doc has always bounced back. And there might be a chance that he can indeed make a return to Twitch after the streamer’s issue with the platform comes to a close.

He hasn’t signed an exclusive with YouTube Gaming, which leaves room for his return on Twitch.

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