Getting a PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S This Christmas is Not Going to Be Easy

PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S will continue to face availability issues and fans are not happy about it. And the root cause of this problem is none other than the shortage of semiconductors chips. In fact, this is an issue that the entire world has been facing for the last year after the Covid-19 pandemic.

Consequently, there are fewer chances for fans to get their favorite console in the upcoming Christmas season. On 23rd Nov 2021, the popular retailer AO World announced that they are also facing a shortage of stock for gaming consoles.

And apart from these gaming consoles. It’s likely that fans will face the stock availability problem for other electrical devices like mobile phones. AO World also announced that they had to suffer a loss amounting to $10 million between the month of April and Sep.

All this is due to a lack of delivery drivers because of the pandemic. And it’s likely that they will continue to face this problem, and it seems improbable that this situation will get better soon.

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Xbox series X/S, PlayStation 5, and more details about the stock availability problem

John Roberts, who is the CEO of AO World, shared that fans will continue to face a shortage of PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X&S this Christmas. It’s very disappointing news for the fans who had plans to purchase their favorite console in the upcoming festival season. In fact, the graphics card market is also facing this exact problem because of chip shortage. And it looks the situation will not improve soon.

According to Eurogamer, here’s what Pat Gelsinger announced last month about the chip shortage issue:

“We’re in the worst of it now, every quarter next year we’ll get incrementally better, but they’re not going to have supply-demand balance until 2023,”

For the fans who are not familiar with Pat Gelsinger, he is the CEO of Intel. And it already looks like the future of stock availability for gaming consoles as well as the graphics card is not bright at all.

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